10 Ways to Use Cleansing Wash

The beautiful thing about natural skin and body care is the array of uses one product can have. Because the products are made to be safe and gentle on all skin types they often work for most ages and offer multiple ways to use. Today we're diving into one of our favorite multi-use products Feminine Cleansing Wash.

Ways to Use Feminine Cleansing Wash

Let me count the ways I love {use} thee.

Moody Sisters Feminine Cleanser

1. Vaginal Wash

The pH balanced soap will help gently cleanse without disrupting the natural balance of your wooha. Perfect for a natural freshening up! In the shower take a small amount of the Cleansing Wash liquid soap and create a soapy lather in your hands or wash cloth. Gently cleanse the vaginal and or butt area and rinse.

2. Baby Wash

Due to the pH balance and gentle formula of the cleansing wash-- with no synthetic fragrance, you'll find this wash can gently cleanse the most sensitive skin. Soften and hydrate that precious baby's skin by using a small amount on a warm wet wash cloth or in the bath water. Gently wash and rinse. Pat baby dry. Give lots of kisses.

3. Body Wash

For those with sensitive, dry or chapped skin you can finally enjoy a hydrating wash that won't irritate it. Made pH balanced with no synthetic fragrance and only a hint of lavender and tea tree oil you'll find this wash to be hydrating and softening on delicate skin. In the shower or bath take a small amount of the Cleansing Wash liquid soap and create a soapy lather in your hands or wash cloth. Gently cleanse and rinse.

4. Shaving

You don't need a special shaving foam or soap to get good slip for your razor, liquid formula that doesn't clog it up and hydration that won't leave you with razor burn. Use the cleansing wash to create a soapy lather on your legs or armpits to shave and rinse.

5. Bubble Bath

Squirt some Cleansing Wash into the running water when filling the bath and watch the bubbles form. The perfect bubble bath for those with sensitive skin and with only a hint of lavender and tea tree oil you won't miss the synthetic fragrance and chemical colorants.

6. Menstrual Cup Wash

What goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body. Don't let synthetic washes leave chemicals on your menstrual cup only to be put inside you! Effectively cleanse your menstrual cup while maintaining healthy and safe practices with a pH balanced, fragrance free wash. Take a small amount of Cleansing Wash and create a soapy lather. Wash and rinse thoroughly.

Moody Sisters Face Wash

7. Face Wash

For those with sensitive skin that still want a foaming face wash, look no further. This synthetic fragrance free wash with give you light lather, effective cleansing and softened skin with just a hint of lavender and tea tree. Take a small amount of cleansing wash and create a soapy lather. Wash face, avoiding eyes and rinse thoroughly.

8. Shampoo

The perfect effective natural shampoo without all the chemical junk. This Cleansing Wash is SLS, paraben, synthetic fragrance free and will nourish, hydrate and cleanse you from head to toe. Take a quarter size amount in your wet palms and massage soap into hair to create a very light lather, rinse well. Best for normal to dry hair.

9. Pit Wash

Stinky pits? Keep them balanced with the pH balanced Cleansing Wash and the power of Lavender and Tea Tree to fight off odors. Use daily to help with stubborn or hormonal odors *cough* teenagers *cough* or as a morning wash in between showers to keep you staying fresh and clean. Take a small amount of wash and create a soapy lather. Wash pits, rinse and dry. Apply deodorant.

10. Dog Wash

A dog's hair is closer to a neutral pH and they can be sensitive to synthetic fragrance and colorants. This hydrating balanced cleansing wash is perfect for your fur babies with a hint of lavender and tea tree to keep their coats soft, protected and balanced.

What are ways you love to use your Feminine Cleansing Wash?

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