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Questions about the Products

There are so many options. What products do I try first?

We make shopping for natural skin care products easy and simple. We always recommend starting with the skin and body products that will help you create a basic skincare routine. We recommend the Starter Kit that has everything you need, from facial care, body care to mineral makeup.  Each bag includes our best products to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate your skin, plus samples of foundation mineral makeup to find your perfect match.

Are you always coming up with new products?

Our Research & Development department {aka Moody Sister Jess} is always running. We are constantly improving, changing and keeping natural skincare products fresh and new. Our face and body products take anywhere from 3-6 months to develop so we keep a yearly chart with product ideas we’d like to launch for the upcoming seasons. We love to try new scents and fresh in-season ingredients so you’ll always see something new from our online beauty store! Check out our season's collection that feature new and hot products.

Do you develop your products according to the ingredients available to you?

We try to keep our skin care products simple yet effective. Our main priority is to provide all natural, fresh, affordable {effective} skin care that is safe for the whole family. This means we try to use natural ingredients that we are familiar with, have worked with before and have the broadest range of benefits. On occasion the most effective ingredient may be something we've never worked with before, so we reach out to our network of other natural soap making friends to find new eco and socially responsible suppliers. Read more about our favorite ingredients here >>

How do you come up with ideas for different products?

All of our natural skin and body care products come from a need in our own lives or family’s. Within our two families we have every skin type and almost every age range so we have a lot of beauty needs. We have a running list of face and body products we want to try and we often get input from our customers on what they'd like us to try and hand craft first. If you have a new item request we'd be honored to hear from you!

Are all of the ingredients organic?

We try to purchase as many of our skin care ingredients certified organic as possible. Sometimes the cost is prohibitive to keep our skin care affordable so some ingredients are not certified. However, every ingredient we use in our natural face, body, bath and beauty product is naturally derived and as pure as possible. Read more about our favorite ingredients here >>

Why do you fill the lip balms above the top of the tube?

I wish I had a cooler answer then this, but it’s solely because that is how our lip balm tray functions. We have a tray that helps us pour the warm batch of lip balm into the tubes so we don’t get hot oils everywhere. The way the lip balm tray is made allows extra balm to cool on the top of the tubes—so bonus product for you! Shop Lip Balms here >>

what brand of essential oils do you use?  Do you use therapeutic grade oils?

We use 100% pure cold-pressed essential oils, and we use several different US suppliers.  We don't use any fragrance oils in our scent blends.  We aren't affiliated with any particular essential oil brand, but we always use the NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) research about each essential oil.  We find that most essential oils marked as "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" are actually from large corporate brands that have trademarked that phrase, as there is no standard for certifying or grading essential oils currently in place. We try whenever possible to support other small businesses in the USA.

Here are some articles that might interest you about "Therapeutic Grade" Essential Oils:

If there is something specific I am looking for can you help me find it or can I suggest a product?

Yes! We are proud to have a natural skincare line that is consumer led, which means we take our cues from you. If you have a skin, bath, body or beauty product need in your life or family we want to hear about it! Please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if we don’t make it, we’d love to help you find it!

What if you have a product I love but I don't love the scent?

Tell us! We are proud to have a natural skin & beauty line that is consumer led, which means we take our cues from you. If you have feedback on one of our natural skin care items or essential oil blends we want to hear it! Please don’t hesitate to contact us. If the demand is there and enough customers want the same thing we won’t delay on trying and making a new bath or beauty product available.

Are your products certified?

No, we are not certified by any organic or beauty organization.  We are a micro business of 2 women and do not have the excess funds to spend on being certified. While we don't have these certifications we take pride and have spent much time on creating products that not only contain natural, sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients, but that abide by our city, state and federal laws as well as the cosmetic industry.

Would you be willing to make special batches?

We would love to accommodate everyone’s custom bath or beauty orders, unfortunately due to the amount of time it takes to test and create one product special order we wouldn’t be able to keep our prices affordable. We only can do large custom orders of bath and beauty products with 20 or more of the same item. To request custom or bulk orders please contact us >>

Do you take requests for specific products?

We are proud to have a natural skincare line that is consumer led, which means we take our cues from you. If you have a product you’d like to see us make we want to hear about it! Please don’t hesitate to contact us. If the demand is there and enough customers want the same thing we won’t delay on trying and making it available.

How do you implement quality control?

When Moody Sisters began we hand crafted your skincare in our kitchen. Since growing so much all products are now made in a production studio with specially store ingredients, sterilized tools and packaging. While every batch of skincare made is small and fresh you're getting the best quality ingredients and products. Since we are human there can be slight differences in batches or how straight the label is, but we take every measure to ensure that we are sending out quality products.

Can you help me with stain removal?

-Accidentally spill some foundation on your favorite shirt?  Dilute with seltzer water and then Tide To Go Pens work like magic!
-Certain fabrics seem to stain from the natural deodorant.  We've found that applying a grease-fighting soap (like Dawn) to the area, and then rinsing in super hot water helps!

Questions about your Skin Type

What are some general rules about skin sensitivity and your products?

Skin sensitivity is often “misdiagnosed”. People assume they have sensitive skin because commercial products cause them to have outbreaks or rashes. The reality is that there are many chemicals in commercial products that are known skin irritants and most often your skin isn’t sensitive—it’s just saying, “Get this chemical crap off me!”. Many people are surprised when they try our natural skin and body products, and are worried about their sensitive skin, and find that they have no issues at all! That’s because we don’t use any chemicals or fragrance and everything is natural and derived from the earth. So unless you have a direct allergy to an ingredient you most likely won’t need to be concerned. With that being said there is a very small percentage of people who do truly have sensitive skin and it may or may not be accompanied by a type of dermatitis such as eczema or psoriasis. In that case just avoid any intense exfoliation or astringent products that might strip your skin of its natural oils. We recommend a nourishing cleanser, hydrating toner and hydrating facial cream. You can see the Moody Sister Sensitive Skin products here >>

What do you suggest to reduce signs of aging?

A basic and complete skin care routine will help with diminish the appearance of fine lines. Your skin isn't as supple and regenerative as you age so hydrating and exfoliating are vital steps. Start by washing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin with our Skincare Sets. Follow up with a nourishing eye cream and facial serum. You'll see immediate improvement in your skins tone and texture with these skin loving goodies!  Shop our products for Dry or Sensitive skin here.

What do you suggest for dry skin with acne?

Make sure you’ve established a basic skincare routine with a collection of non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) hydrating facial care. Most dry skin facial care items are already formulated that way so you can enjoy the power of the Moody Skincare Set without clogging pores. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate with our skincare set. Then add in a Clarifying Toner and blemish serum to help reduce the appearance of acne.  Shop our products for Dry skin.

I have eczema. What would you suggest?

To help calm and soothe irritated skin make sure to hydrate and nourish morning and night. We recommend our dry skin cream at night and Ultra Rich cream for day time.    Shop our products for Dry or Sensitive skin here.

I have red or blotchy spots on my face. What would you recommend?

Your skin often needs natural skin care products that will help balance and sooth your skin. Start with a basic skincare routine to cleanse, tone and hydrate. You can find our balancing skin care here >>

Question about our Business

Do you REALLY make everything in a kitchen??

When we first started making skin care we had a rolling cabinet in Moody Sister Whitney’s kitchen. We would roll it out to the middle and pull all our ingredients out to make each bath and body product. Whitney’s husband LOVED (sarcasm) when we would “cook” because the whole house smelled intensely DELIGHTFUL (enter more sarcasm). However, we quickly outgrew the cabinet and we had to modify our work space and took over our basement.  In 2015 we outgrew our space again and decided it was time to hire someone to handmake our recipes for us in a manufacturing facility nearby. In addition, we’ve partnered with another indie maker to bring mineral color into our storefront. We still make a few items “in house”, but most is made exclusively for moody sisters now!  It is all still handmade (with the exception of the eye liners and foundations which are filled with a machine) in small batches by moms using our recipes and exclusive scent blends.  We are beyond thrilled at this new leap in our business -- and it’s given us more time to focus on future product ideas, while still maintaining the quality of our current line!

How did you come up with all these recipes??

Hours and hours of reading, research, and trial and error. The Moody Sisters has been hand built from the ground up. Each recipe is created from finding what ingredients we like and know are safe and then using them in various products to create the desired effect and consistency. We have a huge stack of reference books for natural ingredients and a very long list of things we’ve learned don’t work! Read more about our small women owned business story.

How are your recipes developed?

After we come up with a basic skin, bath or body recipe (see above), that we are excited about and interested to get feedback on, we then make a small batch and allow our VIP customer group to try the products out first.  They give us detailed feedback on each skin, bath, body and beauty product we launch from shipment stability to shelf life. We go back to the drawing board and modify the recipes based on the feedback and sometimes can launch a product for release from one round of testing. Other times we have to keep trying and send out multiple “rounds” of the same product to make sure it’s as close as we can get it to perfection. Products take anywhere from 3-6 months to develop. Read more about our small women owned business story.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Most of our ingredients come from other small businesses in the U.S. who offer a selection of bulk organic and vegan bath and body supplies. Read more about our favorite ingredients >>

What do you do when a batch comes out bad, or has that even ever happened to you?

Because each recipe we’ve created came from our own trial and error we’ve had more than our fair share of “moody lotions”. If we mess up on something that doesn’t affect the consistency or quality (e.g. scent) we might sell the batch at a discounted price. Usually if the batch is a “moody” the consistency and quality aren’t there and we use it for ourselves or give to friends if able. Shop closeout or moody batches.

Is each batch a single serving?

No - it just isn't cost effective to make each product individually.  Each product is made in a small batch, depending on demand and shelf life. Some products are made several dozen at a time because they fly off the shelf!

What happens if you don’t sell all the products you made in the batch?

Sometimes we have to make products ahead to prepare for sales, holidays or events which means we may have extra skincare product that has been made and not sold. In this case we will sometimes put the items on sale or use them for tester jars so that we are giving our customers the most fresh product possible. See what we have on sale now!

What kind of safety standards do you implement?

While our products are all handmade, we take pride in following city, state, federal and cosmetic industry health/safety standards for our products. Our products are created in sanitized work areas. We use standard health and safety practices such as wearing our hair back, wearing gloves when we are creating products, cleansing/wiping surfaces and tools after each use. Each product is tested by dozens of women on our test panel, several times, who test the product's quality, both short and long term, prior to anything being sold on our shopping platforms. Every product is made in small batches, using the same recipe that was tested by the test panel so that the items are as consistent as possible. We take every measure to ensure that we are sending out quality skincare products.