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Moody Sisters Skincare history

Moody Origins

Moody Sister Jess, born first, grew up roller skating on the streets of Southern California. At the age of 12 her parents moved to the middle of a forest in Washington State. Roller skates don’t roll well on pine needles, but there she found her love of nature. In college she discovered her inner nerd and majored in Mathematics. After college, she married a giant, bearded man and they created one awesome daughter. A stressful job in I.T. led her to aromatherapy and she began dabbling with essential oils. One day her sister called complaining about her skin issues and Jess jumped at the chance to spend some time with her little sister in the kitchen with her essential oils. What started as a hobby and way to reconnect would become so much more in the years to follow.

Moody Sister Whit, born 10 years after the smart, well behaved, first born came out solely to annoy her sister. Wild and crazy from birth -- and never wanting to miss out on any fun-- she followed and adored her older sister Jess. After Jess left for college Whitney traveled with her parents doing art shows and learning how to sell her family's pottery. She found her love for business {and her husband} in high school. Married and dabbling in entrepreneurship and cosmetics at 18 she had never ending ideas for owning her own business.... but those lofty dreams didn't find focus until the birth of her first daughter, a history of horrible skin reactions and reuniting with her sister.

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Moody Sisters natural skincare owners

How It All Began

Older sister Jess had resigned herself to a life of oilyness, acne and rosacea-- deciding it would be better to live as a hermit than to pay such exorbitant prices for skincare.  Younger sister Whitney had worked as a beauty skincare consultant for five years, but still found few products that wouldn’t flare up her eczema or cause a severe allergic reaction with her dry sensitive skin. 

After hundreds of dollars spent on doctor’s visits and harsh chemicals that failed to calm their skin woes, the sisters had had enough!  They turned to nature for their remedy. Thus Moody Sisters Skincare was born. The sisters began creating products to find the perfect skin solutions.

They spent hours, weeks and months researching, learning and testing how to make their own products -- all while balancing their home life and other jobs. Every spare minute was dedicated to perfecting techniques and recipes to find what natural ingredient blend worked best for their moody skin.

When the idea of sharing their products came up, the sisters knew they wanted to keep it real, fun and fresh. They opened an Etsy Shop in 2010 as a hobby, but instantly started selling their handmade goodies. Their mission was one out of necessity -- finding natural alternatives that worked just as good as the chemical ones, but grew into so much more: natural, effective products, that smelled amazeballs and simplified their moody lives.

The sisters soon out grew their kitchens and their jobs, but have never strayed from their mission to bring handcrafted, natural goods to rock your moody world.

What are the sisters up to now?

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Where are they now

In 2013, Jess and her hubby had a mid-life crisis after a stressful career in IT, and fled Washington State for the theme parks and sunny beaches of Florida. In Florida, Jess was finally able to focus on Moody Sisters full-time. When she’s not on her sunny porch answering customer emails or shipping out orders, you can find her riding roller coasters, watching movies (Anything Marvel or Star Wars), taking personality quizzes (INTJ), or sunning herself like a lizard.

Moody Sister Whit is still wild and crazy and has a FOMO (fear of missing out), but spends all her boundless energy on new business ideas to simplify her life and tackle moody life problems with her sister. Nights are spent eating too much Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Karamel Sutra), watching her favorite shows (Brooklyn Nine Nine, Superstore, Big Bang Theory, Bachelor and more), taking personality quizzes (ENFJ, 7 with 6 wing, sanguine), snuggling with her high school sweetheart and pleading with her 2 daughters to go to bed.

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Moody Sisters Skincare behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

It's moody. Moody Sister Jess handles production and shipping while Moody Sister Whit takes on marketing. Each sister works from their home with their moody families. Jess lives in Florida with her husband and teenage daughter, who creates all the samples and helps when shipping gets crazy. Whit lives in Washington with her husband and 2 grade school aged daughters, who help test every lip gloss shade (at least 10 times each).

Both sisters handle every aspect of the business personally, during all hours of the day, from emails to comments and designing the website -- all while juggling their moody lives.

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