How to use Perfume Powder

Body Dusting Powder perfume has quickly become our favorite way to rock our moody world. With a luxurious powder puff to apply, silky powder, odor and moisture control and long lasting essential oil scent you'll be sure to fall in love with all the ways to use natural dusting perfume powder. Read on to see all the ways to use your natural perfume powder.

Natural Perfume

You can take your dusting perfume powder and luxurious powder puff applicator to dust your neck, wrists and body to be covered in silky soft powder with a long lasting essential oil scent to leave you smelling amazing. With the easy to use flip top you can take your jar wherever you go for on-the-go freshening up.


This baking soda free scented body powder is perfect for those with sensitive skin. The powder is made with soft and absorbent powders to give you odor and moisture control, plus an essential oil scent that will help keep you fresher longer. Use by itself, as a midday freshening up or with a baking soda free cream deodorant for ultimate protection.

Feminine Hygiene

When your lady parts are smelling a little funky from a hard workout or the summer boob sweat has you down, you can freshen up and control odor and moisture with just a sprinkle. Take a bit of your favorite dusting perfume powder and sprinkle in your undies, bra or gently apply with your luxurious puff on your lady bits to instantly freshen. *not meant to treat medical conditions or use internally

Foot Powder

Everyone gets stinky feet. There is no better way to help control foot odor and moisture than applying some scented powder to your feet, socks and shoes when thinks get funky. Featuring soft and silky powders that are excellent for absorbing and essential oils to help keep them smelling great. We especially recommend this for little ones, teens and stinky boys, whose feet seem to emit toxic odors that can wilt flowers.

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