5 Deodorant Tips: Pit Detox + How-to Video

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moody sisters natural deodorant detox and use guide

Here are our top 5 tips and suggestions when making the transition from commercial anti-antiperspirant deodorants to natural aluminum and chemical free ones. These tips are great for those making the change or needing some tips on how to make natural deodorants work for them.

1. SWEAT IT OUT. You will sweat. Don't freak out! Your sweat glands have been suppressed for so long that the first week or so of using natural deodorant your body may be on overdrive. You may find yourself sweating, a lot. Have no fear though, as your body will regulate and naturally find a balance now that it is allowed to sweat and cool your body properly. You WILL still sweat with natural deodorant, even after the initial detox week, but it will be less, and thanks to your natural deodorant-- not smelly!

2. REAPPLY. If you have a really active day or it's REALLY hot out you may need to reapply in the afternoon. Customers have been raving about the powdered deodorant for those heavy sweat days as the perfect quick, easy and delightfully smelling reapplication. Despite any of my own heavy sweating days, I rarely find myself needing to freshen up, but just know-- there is nothing wrong with you OR your natural deodorant if you need to reapply. Sweating is a natural process to cool your body.

3. BALANCE YOUR SKIN {The tip for rashes}. For those that have been struggling with any deodorant (rashes, bumps etc) we recommend rinsing your arm pits with apple cider vinegar. Sometimes your skin can get really out of whack and cause irritation when you've never had any problems before. Take a shower and then with a cotton ball wipe your armpits clean with apple cider vinegar. Allow to dry and apply deodorant after. This will help balance the pH of your skin.

Alternatively, the naturally drying and deodorizing ingredients can cause rashes if you have very dry sensitive skin. This can be combated easily, by applying a natural dry skin cream or body lotion to your arm pits so that your skin remains hydrated. You may also be the right fit for our Baking Soda Free Deodorant.

4. CLOTHING MATTERS. Your body perspiring alone does not cause the smell. It's the mix of bacteria and the sweat that makes an odor. Natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo will help wick the moisture away from your body, whereas synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, trap the bacteria and moisture in. You'll find yourself smelling and sweating more when you wear synthetic fabrics verses natural ones.

5. WASH DAILY. The odor in your armpits is caused by bacteria, not by the actual sweat. So if you find yourself missing a shower-- even if you haven't sweat-- you still have bacteria in your pits. Cleanse them out with our Cleansing Spray (if you're on the go) or natural soap and water, prior to a deodorant application. You'll stay fresh longer if you weren't able to hit the shower. **This is a great tip during the first few weeks of transitioning. Wash often and you'll avoid being so stinky during our body's detox.

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