The Best Fabrics for Body Odor

You’ve made the switch to natural deodorant, but you might not have been prepared for the sweat. Fear not, it’s not all doom, gloom and stink. There are ways to help keep the odors down and stay dryer longer, while still avoiding chemicals and using your natural deodorant and it all starts in your closet.

Have you ever noticed that some shirts retain the body odor or maybe you are wondering, “Why do I smell so bad today?!”. It could simply be that your sweat and fabric are not jiving, and it’s not your deodorants fault.

When I first started to have severe allergic reactions to commercial anti-perspirant deodorants the transition was tough. I didn’t have a choice but to go natural or suffer horrific and painful consequences. Did you know your arm pits can itch uncontrollably?! I looked like a monkey on exhibit putting on show.

Through trial and error we my sister and I found something natural that wouldn’t irritate my skin, but provide me with something to stay fresher and dryer longer. And yet still on days I would sweat uncontrollably and reek from early on in the day… How could that be?!

Best & Worst Fabrics to Wear

Well it turns out your clothing matters. Synthetic fibers that are so awesome at wicking moisture away from your body do a great job and pulling it all in for a little bacteria orgy. In fact you may find that your synthetic fibered shirts smell before even putting them on from your last wear. They love to hold bacteria parties and stay forever and make your armpits a stink hole. 

Fabrics to Avoid:

So the fabric alternative? Natural Fibers. While it may take natural fabrics a bit more time to dry natural fibers are known to not hold on to smell and probably the biggest pro is they are not a good environment for bacteria. Since I have made the switch, piece by piece, to natural fibers, the difference has been significant.

Best Fabrics for Body Odor:

Where I Shop

I’m so excited to share my two go-to clothing shops that I know will rock your world. In addition to having natural fiber clothing they have organic cotton to help keep pesticides and chemicals out of your clothing and the earth.

Every Day Wear

For every day tees and shirt dresses I am obsessed with Soul Flower. They cater to yoga hippies, but their comfy dresses and shirts have me sold (even though I wouldn’t consider myself a hippy nor do I do yoga) . Their prices are reasonable, their selection is great and their clothing is very well made. I have 2 dresses and a variety tees that are worn on a regular basis. And can I say that the sleeves aren't too tight and you don't visibly notice Go check them out here. (Moody Sister Whit's Soul Flower faves)

moody collection.png

Work Casual Clothing

If you’re looking for photo worthy clothing for nicer occasions or work than Woolen Moss is your store. Her HAND CRAFTED clothing is made by her, so detailed, so soft and so amazing. I wore her shirt she made in a photo shoot and it was stunning. I wear it whenever I want to feel comfy and beautiful. I need about 10 more. Go check out her shop here. (Moody Sister Whit on the left in her favorite Woolen Moss shirt)