DIY Recipe: Healing Burn Serum

burn serum.jpg

Loaded with healing and pain relief properties this healing serum will be your best friend! Apply immediately to a burn to reduce redness, throbbing and promote healing. You'll be amazed at how good this makes your burn feel! Apply to rosacea or psoriasis to help reduce redness and discomfort OR those irritating bug bites to soothe and calm your skin.

All products contain organic-natural antioxidants, antibacterial, antifungal and preservative properties to give you the most effective, long lasting product possible. For best results keep all products out of heat and sunlight.

Use organic oils whenever possible for the purest and safest serum.

Thoroughly mix in a jar with lid:
1 tbls aloe gel
1/4 tbls rose hip seed oil
1/4 tbls jojoba oil
1/2 tbls sweet almond oil
1/4 tsp vitamin E oil
20 drops lavender essential oil
15 drops oats extract
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops juniper berry
5 drops geranium rose essential oil
Shake vigorously before applying.

**NOT MEANT TO REPLACE MEDICAL TREATMENT OF ANY KIND. When you are seriously burned or having a severe allergic reaction seek medical attention.