Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

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Turn chapped peeling lips into silky kiss puppies with natural lip scrub that exfoliates, brightens, hydrates and protects all in one.

1 oz Peppermint Lip Scrub  {Add an optional .25 oz lip butter for the perfect lip pampering set} 
* Handmade in the USA * Organic * Cruelty-Free *

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Lip Scrub & Butter

It's lip scrubbin' time!

Apply a small amount weekly to help remove dead skin and soften for the most beautiful juicy lips. Your natural lip scrub will also help lip color stay longer and not flake to give you flawless lips. Don’t be caught without your jar of lip exfoliator to rock your moody world whenever your lips are feeling down.

You don’t have to suffer with dry dull lips any longer. Instantly plump and revive your lips with the gentle and effective exfoliation power of honey crystals, organic evaporated cane juice, coconut sugar, and apricot kernel meal. Gently scrub those dead skins and bring life to your lips with this natural lip scrub. Hydrate and protect them with lip loving coconut oil, mango and shea butters with vitamin-rich honey and beeswax. The ultimate mix of lip pampering ingredients for natural lip care year round.

Add on a hand-poured luxurious lip butter tin.  It is loaded with lip-loving oils, cupaucu butter, cocoa butter, scented with vanilla and spearmint.


Lip Butter: Vanilla-Infused Apricot Kernal Oil, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Cupaucu Butter, Jojoba Oil, Organic Spearmint Flavor Extract

Lip Scrub: Apricot Kernel Meal, Honey Crystals, Evaporated Cane Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Peppermint Leaf, Lemon Peel Powder, Raw Honey, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Castor Wax, Brown Rice Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil

Shelf Life: 1 year

+How do I use it?

Slightly dampen lips and apply scrub in soft, gentle circles. Rinse with warm water on a wash cloth. Use once or twice a week for great results! Apply lip butter as often as needed.

+What's the Story?

With the Sister's Moody skin came dry, flaky lips that would often crack. Most commercial lip balms contained petroleum or mineral oil that provided only temporary relief and hydration leaving the sister's lips in dire need of natural moisture. So Jess and Whit scoured the earth for the most beneficial and protective butters and oils to help soothe and hydrate lips of all ages.

Read more about our story here.

+Features you love

  • Handmade in the USA
  • We Support: Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Small Businesses, NO Animal Testing, Handcrafted in the USA
  • Does Not Contain: Chemicals, dyes, fragrances, parabens, or sulfates
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