Mineral Makeup Kits

Eye Shadow Starter Kit $59

Choose 5 eye shadows and get a FREE Multi-Task Brush ($9 value}!
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{Retail value $69} Save $10

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Mineral Makeup
Sampler Kits $5

3-pack options:
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Complete Brush Set $49

Each one of our Brown Faux vegan, cruelty and dye free brushes are designed to work with both creams and powders.  Buy all 5 - Save $10

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Pretty Peepers

Mineral Eye Pigments $12

Natural, organic, nano-particle free, and cruelty-free – these glam loose mineral pigments are handmade. Each silky and vibrantly pigmented mineral eye shadow is highly blend-able and easy to apply. Each jar of loose mineral powder includes a double sifter for minimal mess!
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Accentuate those beautiful eyes

Paraben-free, pththlate-free, gluten-free, vegan, organic.  Mascara, gel and pencil eyeliner, brow pencils and makeup removers round out our selection of mineral eye makeup.

Let's Get Shady

Mineral Cheek and Bronzer $16-18

Moody Sisters mineral cheek colors and bronzers are made from natural micas and minerals.  These cosmetics are organic, highly blendable, and easy to apply.  All natural non-toxic color for your face and body.
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Build a Solid Foundation

Concealer Foundation  $16

Full Coverage. Best for normal to dry skin. Naturally conceal and cover using Mineral Cream Foundation that is easily blended with your finger or a soft brush. Each silky blendable shade is packed full of skin enhancing oils and mineral color that nourishes and hydrates your natural skin tone, including the new Under Eye concealer.
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Powder Foundation  $20

Light Coverage.  Silky, highly blendable mineral powder foundations offer easy, natural coverage.  Each powder is handmade with natural minerals and micas and jar includes a double-sifter lid for easy application and minimal mess.
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Liquid Foundation  $24

Medium Coverage.  Best for normal to oily skin. This silky smooth mineral liquid foundation glides on with the feel of a tinted moisturizer.  Each lightweight aloe-based foundation is made with skin-loving botanicals that will provide all day coverage without clogging your pores.  Offered in a long-lasting airless pump bottle.
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Pucker Up

Lip Gloss  $12

An infusion of antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils and pigments giving you the best natural mineral makeup around. Each organic Lip Gloss is made with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter delivering you lasting hydration and superior shine without the stickiness.
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Tools of the Trade $8-18

Not all synthetic brushes are created equal!  These are the softest brushes to ever touch your face.  Each one of our Brown Faux brushes is designed to work with both creams and powders. 
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