VIP Membership Terms & Conditions


Moody Sister's reserve the right to change, add or remove subscriber benefits at any moment. Certain membership subscriptions may expire at the end of a billing cycle. *You will never be charged more than the amount you agreed to without you choosing to resubscribe or upgrade.


This is a subscription service. All memberships bill immediately upon sign-up. The next bill will be 3 months or year from your sign up date. All membership plans automatically renew each quarter or year until the service is cancelled by you.

+When does my box ship?

Your VIP Tester boxes ship the 15th of every quarter. If this date lands on a weekend or federal holiday it will be shipped the next business day.

January 15th
April 15th
July 15th
October 15th

*If you sign up after the ship date you may receive your first box the next quarter.

For example: If you sign up on January 16th your first box may not ship until April 15th. This is because we plan out boxes weeks in advance and it takes time to make the products.

+When do I get my free shipping codes?

Free shipping codes will be published in the private facebook group 2 weeks prior to the quarterly tester box shipment.

October 1st-October 14th
January 1st-January 14th
April 1st- April 14th
July 1st-July 14th

You may place any orders of any size during this time frame and your orders will be held and shipped with your tester box- free.

+How does the birthday package work?

Your subscription must be current during your birthday month to receive this benefit.

Based on your previous orders and things you've mentioned you LOVE upon subscription, we will send you a special package that will have a sampling of items or a full size item, worth over at least a $20 value. To make sure that you receive something you like for your birthday package you can make sure to tell us a little bit about you here.

You don't have to do anything else! Your birthday package ships to your address on record, the 15th of your birthday month. If this date lands on a weekend or federal holiday it will be shipped the next business day.

+What if I don't like what I got?

Because Moody VIP is a membership service, refunds for shipped boxes or birthday gifts are not available. We welcome constructive feedback on any of the tester items in your box. To make sure that we give you something you like for your birthday package you can make sure to tell us a little bit about you here. If you feel like this is just not the right fit, you can choose to stop receiving your VIP Tester box (sniff) by cancelling your service.

If you have any damaged / leaked products please email us at so we can help you.

+What if my address changes?

Moody VIP Tester boxes and birthday packages are shipped to the address exactly as it is entered when you subscribed. Any errors or changes are the responsibility of the Member.

Address change due to a move:

If you have moved or are planning to move, or have a new temporary address, your shipping address must be updated PRIOR to the 15th of the month.

  1. Update your shipping address in your profile when you log in to your account here.

  2. Just to make sure it’s current in our shipping program PLEASE contact us at to update your address in our records.

If an address is not changed by the 15th of the month of shipment and the Moody VIP Tester box is not forwarded to the new address, we will not be able to provide you with a replacement box - as only a limited amount are made.

+How to Change/Cancel

To change your Membership (up or down) you can sign up for a new membership here and then cancel your old membership type.

To cancel any membership login to your account here. You may also contact us and we can cancel your subscription.

Please note: Once you have paid for any type of subscription service, we are unable to issue a refund. You will receive the benefits of your subscription until the end of the billing cycle. Once cancelled you will not be billed again.

For example: You signed up on Jan 5th for a 3 month subscription. Your next billing cycle is April 5th. You cancel April 7th. You will continue receiving your subscription benefits until July 4th. No refunds are given and no additional billing cycles will be charged.