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Try Me Skincare Set
29.00 39.00

Your moody skin solutions are here.
4-6 weeks of products with everything you need to jump start your skincare routine.
Includes: Cleanser, Scrub, Toning Mist and Moisturizer for your skin type in a fun box with instructional card. Each product is 1-2 oz.

Have special skin needs? Tell us about them in the “Additional Notes / Requests” during checkout and we’ll customize your set.

Skin Type:
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Clarifying Booster Pack
34.00 36.00

Clear + Purify
Blemish Serum + Charcoal Mask
Best for oily and acne prone skin types.
Clarify and refine your basic skincare routine with these powerful skin boosters.

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Eye Shadow Sampler Pack
5.00 5.95

Try before you go big.
Choose your 3-pack of Mineral Eye Shadow samples
1-3 uses per foil packet or jar.

Shimmer Pack: Dreamy, Endless Love, Lover
Bronze & Sparkle: Symphony, Obsession, Rock On

Trio Pack:
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Seasonal Best Sellers

Absolutely in love! Will never buy from anywhere else again... this just makes my skin so amazing!
— Hope T.
Cream Deodorant

No more stinky pits
Net wt. 2.65 oz Roll-up Tube
Baking soda formula for normal sweat levels.

Mood Boost:
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Essentials Body Powder

Previously called Powder Deodorant
Puff the stink away.

Net wt. 2.5 oz Jar includes Powder Puff
Baking soda body deodorant.

Mood Boost:
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Lightweight Moisturizer
from 9.00

The lighter way to hydrate.
4 oz bottle with flip-top lid
Best for oily or acne prone skin.
Oil controlling liquid moisturizer.

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New to the store

Boosting Mask

To silky and beyond.
Net wt. 2 oz
Perfect for all skin types, especially Sensitive and Mature skin.
Instantly soften, smooth and hydrate.

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Illuminating Serum

Boosting Magic
2 oz bottle with airless pump
Best for dull, mature skin.
Vitamin rich, brightening and softening.

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Dry Shampoo

Greasy to gorgeous in 60 seconds
1 oz powder spray pump
Safe for all ages.
Moisture absorbing, on-the-go powder for hair & body.

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