Sensitive Skin Butter Bar

Sensitive Skin Butter Bar


Butter me up.
4 oz handmade soap bar
Best for sensitive skin
* Vegan * Organic * Gluten-Free *
* Handmade in the USA * Cruelty-Free *

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Sensitive Skin Butter Bars

Gentle and nourishing cleansing bars

Go back to the basics with this butter soap bar to nourish, hydrate and cleanse even the most sensitive moody skin.  Infused with gentle and soothing calendula to help calm and repair dry, sensitive skin. Gently cleanse and hydrate with this herbal infused bar -- use from head to toe for all ages.

Designed for those of us with super sensitive skin in mind, this soap bar is full of the ultimate skin-loving butters and herbally infused with gentle Calendula.  Perfect facial cleansing for dry, sensitive, and mature skin types, this handmade soap bar will leave your skin glowing, clean, and soft.  This bar is gentle enough to be used on baby bottoms too.

All soap bars are NOT created equal. Moody Sister natural cold processed organic soap bars are handmade in small batches with skin-loving, moisturizing butters. This is not your commercial, squeaky-clean, strip all of your natural oils off your skin type of soap! This soap will leave your skin soft and silky, gently cleansed, and smelling amazing.


Saponified Oils (Olive, Coconut, Palm, Shea, Castor, Mango, Cocoa and Avocado), Calendula flowers

+Shelf Life

2 years

+How Do I Use It?

Lather up in the bath or shower!

To make your handmade soap last as long as possible, keep your soap out of the water when not in use. (This means standing water in your shower/tub, on your soap tray or on a shelf.) Also, standing your soap on it's smallest end will help it dry faster between uses.

This soap bar is Step #1 in our daily facial routine.

Moody Sister Daily Skincare Routine

  • Step #1 - Cleansing
  • Step #2 - Specialized Care
  • Step #3 - Toning
  • Step #4 - Hydrating

+What's the Story?

We love these old-fashioned soap bars so much we have one by every sink and tub!

+Features You Love

  • Handmade by Heather in Quincy, WA.
  • We Support: Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Small Businesses, NO Animal Testing, Handcrafted in the USA
  • Does Not Contain: Chemicals, dyes, fragrances, parabens, or sulfates
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