Sensitive Deodorant Bundle

Sensitive Deodorant Bundle

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Build your protection.
Full size twist tube and body powder.
Baking soda free formulas to layer together for dual protection.

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Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Love your pits!

The ultimate duo in long lasting odor control and protection. Combine your favorite cream deodorant and top with powder deodorant for all day work-out worthy odor control. You can also use your powder for mid day, post workout applications.

Choose your protection level:  

  • Basic Protection- Cream Deodorant stick

  • Body Protection- Powder Deodorant

  • Dual Protection- Cream and Powder Deodorant Bundle

You can make the transition to natural deodorant easily with this effective handmade, vegan deodorant.

Each natural cream deodorant stick is made with blends of pure essential oils to keep you smelling great, organic coconut oil to hydrate and soothe your skin, and natural arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and deodorize.  

Each natural powder deodorant is made with blends of pure essential oils to keep you smelling great and natural arrowroot powder that absorbs and deodorizes, safe for your entire body. {Boob sweat anyone?!}


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