Sweet Orange Body Collection

Sweet Orange Body Collection

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Orange you lucky.
Includes 12 oz Sweet Orange Shampoo, Wash & Shave, 6 oz Whipped Lotion, 7 ml Essential Oil Roller, Lip Balm and your choice of Cream Deodorant.

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Orange you glad you found me?

All your citrus dreams have come true with the Sweet Orange Collection. Each gift box is loaded with natural handmade products to simplify your life and rock your moody skin. Featuring the newest hair care Shampoo, Body Wash & Shave, best-selling Whipped Lotion, Lip Balm, Essential Oil Roller, and Deodorant infused with our Sweet Orange essential oil blend.  Give the gift of delicious citrus body products this holiday season!

Get everything you and your family need to survive this season. New Moody hair care products for luscious locks-- your Shampoo, Wash & Shave infused with sweet orange to energize your skin and moody world.  Rock your moody day with an Orange and Vanilla aromatherapy essential oil roller.  Get glowing, hydrated skin with Whipped Lotion and a luscious lip balm for everyday wear to give you a fresh look. Top off the collection with your choice of cream deodorant featuring either Baking Soda or Bentonite clay.

Get some much needed TLC and personal pampering with each decadent skin and beauty products. You can have it all without breaking the bank and using chemical laden products. Bring nature's best health and beauty right to your door with natural, safe & gentle, pampering with this season's collection.

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