Rose Hair & Body Collection

Rose Hair & Body Collection

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Hair & Body Set includes:  12 oz Shampoo, 12 oz Conditioner, Essential Oil Perfume Roller and Essential Oil Roller

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Lavender Rose Gift Box

A rose lovers dream featuring a bright and sweet essential oil blend infused in rich and luscious natural bath and body products. Each handmade with love in small fresh batches to simplify your life and calm the everyday chaos.

Your lavender rose blend contains an aromatherapy power punch to calm, soothe and relax you for everyday use. Turn some much needed TLC and personal pampering into an everyday occurrence with each decadent product in your bath and body collection. Cleanse, hydrate and scent your body with this aromatherapy boosted collection.

Taking care of your skin isn't just for the spa. You can treat yourself and your skin like a queen --everyday, without breaking the bank or using chemical laden products. Buy the complete collection and SAVE!