Clarifying Toning Mist

Clarifying Toning Mist


Resuscitate your face with just one spray
4 oz spray bottle
* Handmade in the USA * Natural * Vegan * Cruelty-Free *

You are not stuck with a shiny, oily, blemished face – Moody Sisters are here to rescue you! Minty and refreshing, this toner uses organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea and organic Witch Hazel to naturally rejuvenate and tone your skin. Our all natural facial toner is alcohol free so it won’t feel harsh or overly drying on your skin. This formula uses the perfect balance of skin toning ingredients and when used daily it will help reduce the appearance of blemishes and pores.

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Toner for Oily Skin

Resuscitate your face with just one spray

Don’t compromise your health for beauty. This handmade, all natural facial toner uses the hydrosols from Witch Hazel, Clary Sage, Peppermint and Green Tea that will help regulate your skin’s natural oil production and minimize blemishes. Apple Cider Vinegar has a pH similar to skin, and it helps restore and balance your skin’s natural pH levels. Organic Witch Hazel helps remove excess oil from the skin and tone those pores.

Color variations are completely natural with the hydrosols used.  Toner may appear anywhere from yellow to dark green.


Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Clary Sage Hydrosol, Peppermint Hydrosol, Lemon Hydrosol, Green Tea Hydrosol, Apple Cider Vinegar, Panthenol DL (B5), Vitamins: E, C, B3, and B6, Leucidal (radish root ferment) and Gluconalactone (and) Sodium Benzoate

Shelf Life: 9 months

+How do I use it?

Spray a small amount on cotton ball and gently wipe into face, neck or any other areas prone to blemishes.

Moody Sisters Tips: Follow up with our Lightweight Moisturizer for a light amount of hydration. Apply this toner after the Blemish Serum to really give those blemishes a one-two punch! This product is Step #3 in Moody Sisters Daily Skincare Routine.

Moody Sister Daily Skincare Routine

  • Step #1 - Cleansing
  • Step #2 - Specialized Care
  • Step #3 - Toning
  • Step #4 - Hydrating

+What's the Story

Both Moody Sister's have Moody Skin, and as a result, blackheads and blemishes. Together they needed to find that extra step in their daily skincare routine to help to naturally tone and even out their skin. So the sisters created a clarifying toner loaded with pore tightening and skin loving natural ingredients that could be used daily.

+Features you love

Handmade exclusively for Moody Sisters in Gresham, OR We Support: Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Small Businesses, NO Animal Testing, Handcrafted in the USA Does Not Contain: Chemicals, dyes, fragrances, parabens, or sulfates

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