Body & Hair Care Sampler Pack

Body & Hair Care Sampler Pack

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Try before you go big.
Choose your 3-pack of Body Scrub, Conditioner & Whipped Lotion samples
1-3 uses per foil packet or jar.

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Hair & Body Trios

Moody Sisters Body Hair Sampler

Find your moody skin solution with each specialized body and hair sample that are all natural, infused with herbal extracts and scented with essential oils. Instantly brighten and rejuvenate from head to toe and tackle the most common moody skin problems. See how natural fresh health and beauty products can rock your moody world.

Sublime Coconut- A tropical infusion of bright and tangy citrus and warm base notes of coconut.
Aromatherapy Boost: Chill, Relaxing, Joyful, Free Spirit, Sociable, Adventurous
Ingredients: Coconut Flavor Oil and Essential Oils: Sweet Orange, Lime, Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon