Body & Hair Care Sampler Pack

Body & Hair Care Sampler Pack

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Try before you go big.
3-pack of Lavender Citrus Body Scrub, Conditioner & Whipped Lotion samples
1-3 uses per foil packet or jar.

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Moody skin solutions

For all skin types. This body and hair care sampler pack is naturally scented with essential oils for a skin loving experience - head to toe.

Rock your world

  • all natural

  • synthetic fragrance free

  • cruelty free

Find your moody skin solution with each specialized body and hair sample that are all natural, infused with herbal extracts and scented with essential oils.

Amazeballs results

  • skin brightening

  • moisture locking

  • head to toe cleansing

Instantly brighten and rejuvenate from head to toe and tackle the most common moody skin problems. See how natural fresh health and beauty products can rock your moody world. Try samples of the Foaming Body Scrub, Moisturizing Hair Conditioner, and Whipped Body Lotion in this sampler pack!

Ingredients: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Lemon, Benzoin, Lemongrass Essential Oils