Why You Shouldn't Do Jumping Jacks

This PSA is brought to you by Moody Sister Jess. 


Okay, they’re a great workout.  If you’ve been doing Jumping Jacks as a workout your entire life, more power to you.  By all means, continue doing them.  BUT - if the last time you did a Jumping Jack was in gym class 20+ years ago, and suddenly you find a 30 day workout challenge on Pinterest and decide that you are going to do some Jumping Jacks, I just have to warn you…

There are parts of your body that normally never make noise that will clap and slap and move in unexpected directions.  Wearing a sports bra and the tightest workout pants I own did not help.  (I mean, I get the boobs clapping up and down, but what was making that noise in my nether region?  Is this where the term “thunder thighs” originated?) 

And beyond being completely distracted by the noises, the momentum of some of these body parts really threw me off my game.  I mean, I’m trying to get my feet up off the ground to complete the first jumping jack but my voluminous backside was still on a downward trajectory.  Adding insult to injury – my daughter calls out from two rooms away – “Mom – what’s that weird noise?!”.  AND I COULDN’T ANSWER HER, BECAUSE I HONESTLY DIDN’T KNOW. 

So why am I sharing this embarrassing story?  Well, because TMI.  (For those of you unfamiliar with that acronym it stands for Too Much Information.  And whatever follows TMI is probably gross, embarrassing, and/or possibly related to genitalia.)  And since we’ve started creating our own skincare products, my sister and I have gotten a lot of TMI emails. 

I feel like I’m a pretty open person, but I admit that the first couple times I had a vagina-related customer service email I cringed a little bit.  (We sell a feminine cleansing spray)  But, really, WHY are we so afraid to talk about our bodies and our experiences?!  In fact, if us women will open up and talk more about our bodies, we might learn that:
A)  We’re NOT the only ones in the world who’s dealing with something
B)  Some women have some AMAZINGLY helpful tips to make life much easier

So here’s some of my favorite TMI tips:

Tip #1 – Powdered Deodorant works really well for boob sweat.  Whenever I wear a sports bra, I put a puff of powder under each boob and in my cleavage.  I still sweat, but not nearly as bad as normal, and this really cuts down on those clogged cleavage pores.  Nothing like a big red tit zit to really make you feel SEXY.  Which brings me to my second tip--

Tip #2 – Blemish Serum isn’t just for your face.  Clogged pores can happen anywhere – neck, back, chest.  A fly on the wall may have caught me rolling some on a zit in my cleavage last night, in fact…

Tip #3 – This is my new favorite, submitted by a fan – Cream Deodorant on your inner thighs to keep from chaffing when exercising!  Where was this tip when I was attempting some cardio at the gym?!

Tip #4 - Cleansing Spray is REALLY helpful for freshening up.  It’s great for that time of the month, and especially in the summer months when you’re sweating a lot down there.  But, it’s also really helpful to freshen up the rest of your body too!  When you can’t get to a shower (like after the gym, or - you know, because you have toddlers in the house), you can use this to freshen up your arm pits and reapply deodorant.  It’s also a great baby wipe solution and super helpful booty spray when your young ones don’t wipe so well…

Tip #5 – My teenager came home from 11 hour days of Marching Band practice this summer with the FOULEST FEET ON EARTH.  I thought something had died in the house.  Showering with lots of soap didn’t even help – her feet just reeked.  The only remedy we found that worked was the mint sugar scrub.  Exfoliating her feet with the minty scrub finally removed the odor, and the mint helped her tired feet feel better too!

So there you have it, some great tips for things we don’t normally like to discuss.  Do you have any good TMI tips for other women?  Do you have any TMI questions you've been too afraid to ask?  (If you don’t want to comment below, you can always email us!  Don't be shy!)  moodysisters@gmail.com

Much love,
Moody Sister Jess