Makeup with Tweens

These are makeup tips for ages 10-13 years old, before major hormone shifts set in and no regularly occurring acne is present.

(Optional) Concealer

For a small blemish here and there you can use a little concealer to help cover zits or red dots. Dab a small amount on, concealer is not for covering large areas. Use a concealer as spot concealer only.

Eye Shadow

For this age we’re going to start simple and subtle. Pick neutral and light shimmers with little pigment. We want to lightly enhance the eyes and get practice applying and playing with eye colors. Use a fluffy large eye shadow brush to press into your shadow, tap excess off back into the jar and blend all over the lid for a natural and blended look.

My favorite eye color shades are: Dream Maker, Magic, Lucky Star, Lover, Paradise & Whisper


I recommend starting with Brown Mascara to keep a natural look, get practice applying, while still enhancing your lashes. Practice applying by keeping your wand steady and letting your lashes fall onto the wand. As you gain confidence you can start wiggling the applicator back and forth and up through your lashes.

Reminders & Tips

  • For any goobers or accidents take a little olive oil on a q-tip for a quick and easy cleanup

  • Don’t share mascara with friends - eye germs are no friend of yours

  • Toss your bottle every 6 months to avoid bacterial infections

Tinted Lip Balm

For lip color my all time favorite first step is tinted lip balm. It’s hydrating, protecting and provides a tint of color with a wet look — without going over the top. Pick whatever shade is your favorite!

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