Night Time Routine | Story

Watch as Moody Sister shows you her night time skincare routine for her dry moody skin.

  1. Cleansing

    I start my night time routine by removing dirt and grime with a cleanser - you’ll be amazed how much oil and dirt gets on your face throughout the day. I prefer the Ultra Rich creamy cleanser to hydrate my dry skin.

2. Toning

Then I tone to close up pores, I have acne prone skin and get black heads if I don’t do a good job toning. I spritz on the Hydrating Toning face mist in the winter and the Clarifying Toning Mist in the summer to suit my moody skin needs. {You can use a cotton pad if you prefer to blend toner in}

3. Serum

I noticed my skin was getting some fine lines around my forehead and eye area so I started using the Smoothing Serum to reduce the appearance of lines. The hyaluronic acid really has boosted my skin tone and elasticity and made a difference in the texture. I massage this into my skin morning and night. If you aren’t concerned with fine lines you can opt to use the Blemish serum, Illuminating Serum or Nourishing Serum depending on your needs.

4. Night Cream

Once my serum has absorbed I massage in my restoring night cream. Made with natural chemical exfoliating AHA I find it completely rejuvenates and nourishes my skin over night and I wake up supple and glowing. It’s also helped my dry skin in the winter and in the summer I can sometimes stop my routine here depending on my oil production.

5. Moisturizer

Most of the time I use a moisturizer after the night cream and it varies depending on the season as my skin needs do change. In the winter I find the hydrating face cream is perfect layered on top of the night cream. In the summer I get away with the lightweight moisturizer.


  • You don’t have to scrub at night. Try the Restoring night cream with naturally exfoliating AHA to do the job for you.

  • Your skin hydration needs may change with the seasons.

  • You might not always want to {or get to} have a nighttime skin routine, but keep trying and you’ll see big results from your efforts.