Outdoor Lovin'

I always get to this time of year where summer is still roaring, but I’ve given up caring about my lack of summer bod or general appearance and I’m SO over applying sunscreen. But with school beginning and summer vacations ending, I find myself longing for a little TLC — longing for some routine as I prepare myself for fall. {And don’t you dare get me wrong I’m holding on TIGHT to summer!}

So here are my top picks exclusively featured in this quarter’s Mood Box of items I just can’t live without.

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Grapefruit & Rosemary Foot Scrub

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Alright let’s talk about those tootsies. Ya know, the ones you’ve been neglecting all summer. Your paint might be chipped off, heels are SUPER nasty and, if you’re anything like me, it’s time to shave your big toe. But have no fear, we have your all in one scrubby bubbly energizing foot scrub to turn those feet into soft and glowing.

Made with pumice, grapefruit and rosemary our boosted foaming scrub will instantly improve your skin’s tone, texture and feel and can be use on your feet and legs. Scrub away 2 months worth of sunscreen and dead skin while smelling AMAZING.

Only available in one of the 35 Mood Boxes!

Retail value $28

Energizing Foot Balm

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Whether you’re buffing your dead skin away or just needing an extra moisture boost you’ll be sure to find a new favorite in this foot & body balm. Deeply hydrate, soften and protect your heels and body after scrubbing or shaving. While skin is still moist twist up your balm and apply to feet and body for a silky experience or use as needed when dry.

Featuring shea and mango butter scented with energizing grapefruit, peppermint and rosemary for an aromatherapy boost.

Only available in one of the 35 Mood Boxes!

Retail value $16

Bug Off Spray

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While summer is headed out the camping is just getting good here! We still have a couple months left of outdoor lovin’ and I’m so excited to do it with the Bug Off jojoba lotion spray! Combining our two favorite summer treats: sprayable lotion + bug off essential oil blend. Use this hydrating and easy to use lotion spray that is loaded with essential oils to keep the bugs away!

Featuring jojoba, vitamin E, citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass and so many more!

Only available in one of the 35 Mood Boxes!

Retail value $16

{Optional add on} Limited Edition Color


For those into color fun I’m so excited to share our color picks for the season featuring bold and stunning reds. Make your eyes pop with our limited eye shadow Corvette and lip gloss Rockin’ Raisin. You can add these limited color items to your Mood box for just $19! Retail value $22

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