Just let me take a shower.

The shower is a magical place where silence is given, rest happens, ideas brew and theoretical arguments are won. It’s my happy place. So let me share how I get everything I need to get done in 5 minutes, so I can just stand silently in the hot water for another 25.

First things first

While I’m simultaneously brushing teeth, picking out my outfit and peeing, I take a hot minute to put on a face mask — before I get in the shower. You can do this while the water is warming up, or while you’re doing other said activities. Apply a thin layer of your favorite mask and let the steam and shower do the rest. In a few minutes you can wash it off - no fuss, no mess.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Get down and dirty.
Net wt. 6 oz  {Approximately 10-12 uses} 
Perfect for All Skin Types, especially Dull or Dry skin
Instantly soften, nourish and even skin tone.

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Hair Action

First thing that happens is the hair. I grab my 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash and shaving gel and lather up my hair. This will give your facial mask some time to sit. It’s not important that it dries as much as it is that you give it time to absorb into your skin. Then I rinse out my shampoo and apply moisture rich conditioner to my ends (for oily hair) or entire head (for dry hair).

While your hair is soaking in all the moisture goodness, get you warm washcloth and remove your facial mask. Who said masks have to be hard and time consuming after all?!

Rinse out your conditioner and move on to the body!

Shampoo Wash & Shave
from 12.00

Shower like never before
2 oz Travel-Sized or 12 oz Bottle
Best for oily to dry hair. Safe for entire body - head to toe.
Light lathering, clean and nourishing.

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Moisturizing Conditioner
from 12.00

Hydrate like you want it
2 oz Travel-Sized Jar or 12 oz Bottle with Pump
Best for dry or curly hair.
Nourishing, moisture locking and vitamin rich.

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Body Action

Start by scrubbing your entire body with a foaming body scrub. This will instantly soften your skin, improve the tone, texture and feel. No more flaky body skin. You do not want to skip this step!

If you’re shaving now is the time to take your 3-in-1 shampoo, wash and shave gel and lather up for a silky shave. Rinse off and wa la- you’re done! … feel free to sit in the hot water until it runs out. This is your time to shine ladies.

Foaming Body Scrub

Scented Scrubby Suds
Net Wt. 10 oz Jar with Flip-top Lid
Lathering, scented exfoliation to instantly soften and smooth.

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