Huh? Face Serums

If you’re new to the world of skincare then this guide will help you decide if serums are right for your skincare routine. Here are answers to the most common questions about facial serums.

What are serums?

Facial serums are highly concentrated products that offer a skin boost to any routine. If you are finding yourself needing more results from your skincare regime then serums are a quick and easy answer.

Serums are typically a light, silky liquid that will be a blend of both oils and herbal extracts. You’ll usually get a little moisturizing from a serum, but the biggest benefit is not what the base is made of — but what’s infused in it.

You’ll find a huge pay-off of antioxidants, exotic oils, vitamins and skin boosting extracts that will give you a mega boost in your skins look, feel and tone. The most common skin solutions serums offer are: balancing skin tone, brightening dull skin and tightening mature skin.

When do I use them?

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and then add in your natural facial serum BEFORE you moisturize. This will allow the most powerful ingredients to absorb into your skin first, before applying your daily moisturizer to protect and hydrate. You want those most valuable ingredients the closest to your bare skin.

Can I use more than one?

Yes! You can use multiple face serums for different issues you may have, but we recommend alternating them between your day and night skincare routines. Try a lighter serum in the morning and a deeper hydrating one in the evening.

Do I need to refrigerate them?

No. All of our facial serums are made with organic and eco-certified preservatives to allow you to use your products safely without the need of refrigeration. We do recommend using your serums within 6 months for most effective and safest results.

Our recommendations

Illuminating Serum

Boosting Magic
2 oz bottle with airless pump
Best for dull, mature skin.
Vitamin rich, brightening and softening.

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Nourishing Facial Serum

Dehydrated mummy to silky Cleopatra.
2 oz bottle with airless pump
Best for Uneven, Blotchy, Mature, or Dry Skin
Soothing, calming and skin boosting.

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Blemish Serum

Zit Zamboni
Best for acne prone skin or blemishes.
7 ml (.24 oz) Roller Bottle
Concentrated zit zapping serum.

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