The misery of being old.

I’m at the point where getting out of bed can cause lasting damage. My brittle bones pop when I get up and God forbid I stretch wrong and throw my back out. Getting old is a struggle. To help you get through it here are our favorite ways to relax, soothe and comfort all our aches and pains.

These suggestions are not meant to replace medical treatment. If you have chronic or extreme pain please see your doctor immediately.

Rice Socks

If you have the problem, like we do, where you end up with random single socks filling your drawer — you’re going to love this one. We take our single socks and fill them about 2/3rd full of uncooked rice or beans. Tie a knot in the sock and you now have the cheapest and most awesome heating pad ever.

To use, just pop it in the microwave and cook for 1 minute. You will have a heat retaining bag that can be molded on to any body part. Our entire family uses them and I can’t tell you how many times it has put kids to bed and helped soothe every ache and pain. Cramps? Sore muscles? Kids growing pains? Feet cold? Hands cold? Give this bad boy a try.

**Tip: You can also drop a couple of your favorite essential oils to help calm, soothe and relax. We love lavender.

Warm Bath

A warm bath can be so much more with just the right additives. While the heat alone can soothe and relax aches and pains, one of our favorite add ins are bath melts. You can use a few drops of oil and essential oils as well to create a skin softening and aromatherapy experience.

Some of our favorite bath add ins are:
1 tbls olive oil
10 drops of your favorite essential oils
1/4 cup colliodial or ground oats

Heat Rub

For after your luxurious bath or rice sock session we recommend following it with a massage. Get a foam roller, tennis ball or hand massager if you are doing it yourself or kindly guilt trip your partner into giving you one. Take your easy to use, twist up Warming Heat Rub and massage into sore areas to help relax and soothe your aches and pains. This can be used in place of a massage oil.

Warming Heat Rub

Like a warm hug.
Best for sore, achy muscles.
2 oz twist tube
Comforting arnica infused body and massage balm.

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