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The Best Butters and Oils for Dry Sensitive Skin

These safe and natural skin loving ingredients are beneficial to any skin type, but are especially soothing on your dry, sensitive skin. You'll love using these nourishing and hydrating ingredients in your fresh handmade face and body lotions. Here are a few of our favorites that you will find in the Moody Sisters Product Line.

Coconut Oil 

This organic soft butter is one of the most beneficial and multi-purpose natural ingredients you can find-- and that’s why we love it so much! It melts on your skin and is incredibly hydrating and nourishing for any skin type. Loaded with vitamins and anti-bacterial properties you will find coconut oil in your handmade face and body scrubs  and lip balms.

Sweet Almond Oil

This light and rich oil is loaded with Vitamin E & D and is full of antioxidants and emollient properties. It’s fast absorbing and doesn’t clog your pores which makes it our oil of choice when handcrafting your favorite lotions and cleansers for your dry, sensitive or aging skin. This is a key ingredient in our best selling dry skin cream.

Cocoa Butter

This hard butter is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins K & E and is extremely hydrating and protecting for the most sensitive dry skin. It is one of our choice ingredients added to products to help ease your dry, red or irritated skin. You'll find this in your favorite body and facial products in the Moody store. 

Shea Butter 

Shea Butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. This organic butter is loaded with Vitamins A, D & E and is used for hydration and rejuvenation. We love adding this beneficial skin-loving butter to your handmade body creams and lip balms.

Products Featuring these

Dry Skin Cream

Legendary Moisturizer Unleashed
6 oz Jar
Best for dry, chapped, irritated skin.
Thick salve to protect, hydrate and soothe.

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Radiant Body Lotion

Previously called Whipped Body Lotion
From Crocodile to Baby Seal

6 oz Bottle with Flip-top Lid
Best for medium hydration needs.
Silky, fast absorbing, nourishing hydration.

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Lip Balm
from 4.50

Lip smackin' goodness
.15 oz Twist Tube
Safe for all ages.
Moisturizing, silky lip butter.

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