Diary of a Dry Skin Sufferer

You're probably here because my journey may sound a lot like yours. You always have dry, flaky and itchy skin. It's seen better days. You get chapped and cracked skin in the winter. In the summer, it's better, but you still find yourself with tight and dry skin after a shower. The cycle is never ending -- even if you do drink enough water! The fact is -- you have dry skin and sometimes it really sucks.

I feel you!

Growing up my skin was always sensitive and dry. Fragrant detergents would give me rashes, face wash would make my skin red and one winter in middle school my lips were so chapped I slathered them with a cheap petroleum based lip balm and gave myself impetigo (an infectious disease!).

Since then I've learned about the value of natural ingredients vs. synthetic ones -- that I can not only wash my face without a reaction, but also slather my lips with lip balm, any time I want, without the worry of drying them out.

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Must Have Tips

Start with a fragrance free house.

Remove any personal products -- that touch your skin, that have the word "Fragrance" in the ingredients. These can be harsh, skin irritating and skin drying ingredients added -- all in the name of smelling good.

Make sure your wash is being nice to your skin.

Whether it's a body wash or face wash -- it should not feel tight or itchy after using it. You want to have a supple clean, your body is trying hard enough to balance your skin without you stripping it with harsh chemicals.

Never run out of moisturizer.

Part of the struggle with dry skin is finding a moisturizer that can keep up with your needs. There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower or washing your face and not having a moisturizer by your side. The uncomfortable, tight and dry feeling is the worst! Make sure to always have a back up moisturizer or lotion in your drawer so you are never left dehydrated.

My all time favorite cream is fast absorbing, but deeply hydrating. It passes the test of seasons and continually hydrates, nourishes and protects my skin - year round. I use it from head to toe and literally have bought a gallon of it because it's just that good.

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