Tips for all day foundation wear

Dry flaky skin can cause havoc when trying to apply flawless makeup. Foundation sticks in the pieces of flakes of skin-- making it even more noticeable, and the wear doesn't last as long because you're shedding it off like a molting bird.

Here are some simple tips you can be doing as part of your daily routine that will give you flawless, smooth and long-lasting makeup throughout the day.

Moody Sisters dry skin makeup tips

Makeup Tips for flaky skin


The most important step to combat flaky skin is to start by removing it. You can do this as part of your daily skincare routine with a facial scrub. Scrub daily to immediately improve your skin's tone, texture and feel. Make sure to gently massage those trouble areas that get scaly, dry or flaky. By removing any pieces that are already coming off you will have a smooth skin base to apply cosmetics. Removing your facial scrub with a wash cloth will also help exfoliate.


Once you've removed any lose flakes with your scrub, seal and soften that flawless skin with a facial moisturizer. Find supple and fast absorbing hydration to protect and prep your skin for makeup. Adding moisture to your skin will help plump it up and soften lines. Making sure you wear a moisturizer will help maintain your moisture throughout the day and give you a soft, flawless look.


Now that your skin is soft and sealed with hydration, apply a thin layer of facial primer. This will not only lock in the moisture in your skin, but create a smooth base for your foundation to flawlessly apply to. Primer will help keep your foundation soft, smooth, hydrated and extend the wear.


Throughout the day you can freshen up by spritzing a hydrating toning mist on your face for some quick moisture. Each hydrosol, herbal infused mist will nourish and refresh your skin's moisture without messing up your makeup.

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