5 Berry Body Picks

Smelling like a delicious, bright and fresh fruit isn't just for 90's teens (remember that cucumber melon body mist, anyone?). You can brighten your day with our essential oil and fruit extract aromatherapy blend that is infused in your favorite natural skin and body care. This vibrant blend will help you feel joyful, lively, jubilant, cheery and refreshed.

So if you're looking to slather yourself with berry and you just can't get enough read on to find out which berry body care picks you have to have. 

1. Whipped Lotion

When you can't get enough berry your first line of defense is body lotion. You can wear it all over, all day and you won't even look like Violet from Willy Wonka! Bonus! So rock that boundless berry blend in your favorite whipped lotion. Let it soften your dry hands and quickly absorb on your legs and arms for scented hydration perfection. Grab your blueberry infused bottle featuring heal all, castor, olive and jojoba oil.

Moody Sisters Whipped Lotion
Radiant Body Lotion

Previously called Whipped Body Lotion
From Crocodile to Baby Seal

6 oz Bottle with Flip-top Lid
Best for medium hydration needs.
Silky, fast absorbing, nourishing hydration.

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2. Foaming Body Scrub

Your favorite scent doesn't have to stop at the shower door. Immerse yourself with this 3 in 1 scented foaming body scrub. It exfoliates, cleanses and softens with just one use! And did we mention that invigorating blueberry scent that will leave you smelling a hint of berry when you are done? Featuring demerara sugar, almond castile soap and essential oils this large 10 oz jar with epic flip top for easy use will last you months!

Moody Sisters Blueberry Scrub
Foaming Body Scrub

Scented Scrubby Suds
Net Wt. 10 oz Jar with Flip-top Lid
Lathering, scented exfoliation to instantly soften and smooth.

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3. Essential Oil Scent Roller

Sometimes your skincare routine is more of an on-the-go kind of thing, which is why these easy to carry Essential Oil Scent Rollers are perfect for you. They're ready to roll wherever you go and offer a quick aromatherapy mood boost or easy natural perfume application. Featuring coconut, castor and jojoba oil and infused with fruit extracts and essential oils you'll be ready to take on any of life's moody problems.

Moody Sisters Essential Oil Scent ROller
Moody Scent Rollers

Let the good times roll
7 ml Roller Bottle
Safe for entire body.
Essential oil & fruit extract oil blends for aromatherapy or perfume.

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4. Lip Balm

There ain't no party like a moody party and that's because our best selling lip balm is the kicks. Super hydrating, moisturizing and protecting these silky melt-on-your lip balms will soothe and trap in moisture keeping them soft and supple. Featuring beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter infused with natural fruit extracts and essential oils your lips will love you.

Moody Sisters Bluberry Lip Balm
Lip Balm
from 4.50

Lip smackin' goodness
.15 oz Twist Tube
Safe for all ages.
Moisturizing, silky lip butter.

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5. Lip Gloss

For the makeup lovers this berry gloss will complete the ultimate berry collection. Bodacious Berry is a beautiful bright berry shade scented with vanilla. Each gloss features vitamin E, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter delivering you lasting hydration and superior shine without the stickiness.

Moody Sisters Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss
14.50 16.00

Rock it.
.15 oz Tube with Applicator Wand
Moisturizing, medium pigmented wet shine gloss - without the stickiness.

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