Sweat Problems.

Whether it's hotter than Channing Tatum dancing or you just perpetually sweat regardless of temperature, we have some moody skin solutions for you. Read on to find out how we tackle some of the sweatiest situations.

Boob Sweat

Moody Solution: Dusting Powder

Absorption is key here ladies. Get a bra that will soak some of the moisture up, insert day pads if necessary and powder your ladies up with a powder deodorant. These dusting powders will help absorb moisture, keep your girls cool and smelling great. The powder is soft as silk and blended with floral powders and you use the luxurious powder puff to apply for the most delicate boob graze.

Crotch Sweat

Moody Solution: Cleansing Spray

That hooha can get dank and dirty real fast on a hot day. Don't let the vajayjay stank ruin your beach vibes. Spritz some refreshing Cleansing Spray down there for gentle washing. This pH balanced spray will instantly cleanse and renew your nether regions. Made for all ages so you can use this versatile spray wash for kids' bums, armpit wash or on-the-go hand wash. Follow up with the Dusting Powder and powder your undies for ultimate protection.

Pit Sweat

Moody Solution: Cream Deodorant / Powder Deodorant

When those pits are dripping it's time for some more deodorant. If you're using natural deodorant you will sweat -- and if it's as hot as satan's backside than you're in for a real wet day. We combat the sweat by starting the day off with cream deodorant and then using powder deodorant to refresh and layer for ultimate protection. Use this 1-2 punch to tackle the hottest and sweatiest days without having to resort to chemicals.

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Body Perfume Powders

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* All natural * Vegan * Gluten-free * Talc & Baking Soda free * Handmade * Made in the USA * Fresh batches * Family Safe * Synthetic Fragrance, Paraben, Dye & Cruelty Free *

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Deodorant Bundle

Build your protection.
Full size twist tube and powder deodorant. Layer together for dual protection.
* Synthetic Fragrance Free * Vegan * Gluten-Free * Aluminum-Free * Paraben-Free * Handmade in the USA * Cruelty-Free *

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Cleansing Spray
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Yahoo for your wahoo
2 oz Try Me or 8 oz Spray Bottle
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