3 Steps to Mermaid Skin

In case you're wondering, "what is mermaid skin?" let me explain it to you. Mermaids are like sea unicorns. They are flawless, mystical and magical creatures who bare it all. Well now you can be a land mermaid with your glowing skin using these 3 skincare goodies -- that mermaids would totally use if they were real.

1. Pore Refining Face Scrub

Features: Peppermint, Witch Hazel and Cucumber

How it helps: Instantly cleanse, exfoliate and tone your pores with this multi action pore refining facial scrub. It will scrub and wash out those pores while tightening them. You'll instantly have softer skin and the tingly mint will help close up those pore to clarify your moody skin.

Why it rocks: This not-so-average pore facial scrub is infused with castile soap making it a one stop facial revitalization with it's powerful multi-action. Get everything your dull skin needs to have flawless, clear and soft skin.

Pore Refining Facial Scrub
from 12.00

The Mint & Cucumber Effect
2 oz Travel-Sized Jar or 10 oz Jar with Flip-top Lid
Best for Oily or Acne-Prone Skin
Tingly, minty, tightening, lathering scrub.

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2. Nourishing Facial Serum

Features: Aloe & Edelweiss Extract

How it helps: Hydrate and nourish dull uneven skin with this silky facial serum. Add this pearly soft serum to your facial routine to give your skin an extra hydration, soothing power and vitamin boost. Allow the aloe and Edelweiss flower extract to calm red uneven skin tone while nourishing and replenishing your skin.

Why it rocks: Turn your uneven dull and tired skin into a hydrated flawless glow with Nourishing Serum. Give life back to your skin with just a little serum. Infused with herbal extracts and vitamins in an aloe base will give you soothing and revitalizing power to achieve flawless and dewy skin.

Nourishing Facial Serum
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3. Dead Sea Mud Mask

Features: Dead Sea Mud, Bentonite Clay & Cocoa Butter

How it helps: Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with the power of dead sea mud mask. Soften, hydrate and nourish your skin with the mineral rich dead sea mud and herbal extracts. For those needing to give their skin an extra boost - using your mask 1-3 a week will give you the flawless skin you're looking for.

Why it rocks: No more harsh masks that dry your skin out. Revitalize, soften and deeply nourish your skin for a complete facial makeover with Dead Sea Mud Mask. This is the skin boost you've been missing in your facial routine to take your skin radiance to the next level. You'll be amazed at the instant skin loving results after just one use. 

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Get down and dirty. New Size!
Net wt. 2 oz   
Perfect for All Skin Types, especially Dull or Dry skin
Instantly soften, nourish and even skin tone.

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