How to Use Bronzer

Pressed Mineral Bronzer is one of greatest gifts from the makeup gods. It can contour, it can bronze, it can glow and it can shadow. See how Moody Makeup Artist Whit uses Bronzer and why she loves it so much.

Bronzer is one of my favorite items because it has so many uses -- and who doesn't love multi-use items!? Here are my 4 best tips and tricks for using your pressed mineral bronzer to rock your moody world.

1. Contour

Contouring your face is applying a darker-than-your-skin-tone shade to those areas that typically don't have light hitting them. It makes your features that you want to stand out prominent and pushes the ones you don't back.

My favorite basic contouring areas are under the cheek bones . Take your pressed Mineral Bronzer and pointed face brush and apply to the center of your cheeks in an upward line back towards your ears. Use the Buffer brush to blend the shade.
TIP: If you have a square face make the angle more steep as you brush towards your ears. If you have a long face keep the line more flat as to not elongate it any more.

You can also shape your face with a contouring shade. Apply your pressed Mineral Bronzer on areas with your pointed face brush to make them smaller or narrower such as the sides of your nose, near your temples on your hair line if you want to make your forehead look smaller, or along each side of your jawline if you have a square jaw shape. Blend out with the Buffer Brush.

2. Bronzing

If you want to give your face a sun kissed glow you can use the mineral bronzer on areas that the sun normally hits. Apply your bronzer lightly with the pointed face brush to the tops of your cheek bones and forehead. Blend out with a Buffer Brush.

3. Body Glow

To give your whole body some sun kissed action you can grab your pressed mineral bronzer and go to town! Apply some bronzer with your pointed face brush to your collar bones and shoulders for that "I naturally tan this way" look -- even if we know you're lying. Use the buffer brush to blend the product out.

4. Eye Shadow (Mid tone)

I love using this golden brown mineral bronzer as a perfect summer glow eye shadow. Take the flat side of your eye shadow brush and pat onto your crease. Blend with your large shadow brush. (Optional) Repeat and use on your eye lid using the same technique. Finish off with mascara for a quick, natural and easy summer look.

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