Body Glow Favorites

Summer has begun and the pasty factor is strong with this one. If you're anything like us then you know the struggle to get that sun kissed glow without looking like a red popsicle. It doesn't matter if you even have time to get out in the sun -- it never turns into a golden sun kiss. And who has time to flawlessly sunbathe, turning over every 15 minutes like a rotisserie chicken?! So skip the burn and get a perfect sun kissed glow with these must have summer essentials.

Pouty Lips

Lip Scrub

Any good summer routine begins with some maintenance to prep your skin for natural bronzers. Start with an organic lip scrub to buff away all the dead skin from winter to give you a soft and silky base to apply your fun and flirty lip color for the summer.

Take a pinch of lip scrub and massage it onto your lips. Gently wash off lip exfoliator with washcloth and apply a lip balm to protect and soften even more!


Silky Skin

Coconut Lime Scrub

Before you bask in the glory of bronzing lotion you want to make sure you prep your skin for flawless application. Grab our favorite silky Coconut Lime Body Scrub for the ultimate in skin pampering.

Scoop a small amount into your hands while in the shower and massage the luxurious scrub onto your legs, arms and chest (or wherever you want to bronze). Rinse and pat dry. The ultra moisturizing scrub will instantly improve the tone, texture and feel of your skin while leaving you completely hydrated and ready for bronzer.


Sun Kissed Glow

Bronzing Lotion

You've given yourself baby smooth skin and now you're ready for that flawless sun kissed glow. Apply a small amount of Bronzing Lotion to areas you'd like to bronze. Try using all over your face for a tinted moisturizer, or all over your legs and body to take that pasty shade up a notch. You can also use the Bronzing lotion for a contour shade or cream bronzer.

Learn how to apply your Bronzing Lotion with this blog and video tutorial. Whatever way you will be using your Bronzing Lotion you'll be sure to enjoy this versatile, easy to use, non-toxic bronzing lotion -- which is why it's our top pick every summer!

Bronzing Body Lotion
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