5 Reasons to Scrub

The most common problems you will have with the skin on your body is flaking, dull/dry appearance and cellulite. We're here to tell you why scrubbing is so important and how it can help with each of those moody skin issues.

Moody Sisters Body Scrubs

1. Removes dull skin

Each day your body is constantly creating new skin cells and letting others die off. While your skin naturally exfoliates itself, you can create bright and energized skin by helping your body scrub the excess skin cells away so new ones can form.

Take your body scrub and exfoliate the areas that have the most build up such as legs, thighs, butt, stomach and arms. This will remove dead skin cells with the scrubbing power of sugar and natural oils. Avoid flaky, dry skin with your body scrub that will instantly brighten and rejuvenate.

Each scrub is also scented with essential oils to benefit your skin and soul.

We recommend foaming Body Scrub.

2. Tone

When your body has areas that haven't had some scrubbing action they can be dull and you may find your overall skin tone varies, depending on the area of your body. To help balance out the skin tone use a body scrub to wipe the slate clean, remove any dead skin cells, and give your skin a flawless glow.

Take your body scrub to help balance, hydrate and nourish uneven skin tone on common areas such as legs, thighs, butt and arms. Use the natural power of sugar to exfoliate and brighten with the nourishing oils to hydrate and calm unbalanced skin.

We recommend Hydrating Body Scrub.

Moody Sisters Body Scrub

3. Helps hydration

When you have a layer of dead skin cells sitting on your skin your lotion may not be as effective to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. To help deeply moisturize your skin make sure to exfoliate to remove excess dead skin and allow your lotions to hydrate thoroughly.

Grab your body scrub and remove all the dead skin to give your body a chance to absorb some moisture. Use a rich scrub that contains butters and oils to deeply nourish and hydrate parched skin.

We recommend Hydrating Body Scrub

4. Improves texture

Your body can have a build up of dead skin cells and it leaves your skin feeling scaly and bumpy. You can immediately improve the texture of your skin to return to baby soft, by exfoliating and removing the excess skin.

Grab your body scrub and gently exfoliate those rough areas on your body such as elbows, knees, feet, thighs, butt and back of arms. Your scrub will help smooth out those problem areas with the natural power of sugar and deep hydration of butters and oils to nourish your skin.

We recommend Body Buffing Body Scrub.

5. Tightens

Pores can become large and clogged if not properly toned during your skincare routine. To help tighten and tone your skin use a scrub to exfoliate and stimulate your pores.

Take a bit of your body scrub and exfoliate the most common areas where you may need extra tightening such as your back, chest, thighs, butt and back of arms. Harness the power of natural exfoliation and stimulating mint and coffee to tone and tighten.

We recommend Body Buffing Scrub.