Whimsical Lavender + Citrus

Moody Sisters Lavender Citrus

What's a mood boost?

Moody Sisters Mood Boosts are our essential oil scent blends that are used in scenting your favorite natural body and hair products. Each mood boost features pure essential oils and natural flavor oils and fruit extracts to bring you skin and mood benefits with each use. You'll find each scent can pack an aromatherapy punch to rock your moody world.

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Featured Essential Oils

In this bright and sweet floral blend you'll fall in love with it's mouth watering citrus notes. Featuring sweet orange that smells like a fresh peeled orange, lavender a calming and soothing floral, lemon a mouth watering citrus and lemongrass a bright and fresh note to finish off this essential oil blend.

Why we love it

Essential oils can provide the most benefits to your skin, soul and mind. Whether you find happiness in your favorite scent you'll find this scent to be cheery, sweet and fresh. If you're looking for some mood altering benefits, when you wear this scent you'll find this scent to pick you up as you become more mindful and imaginative.

Where you can find it

Here are your favorite Moody Sisters products that can be made with your favorite Moody Boost Whimsical Lavender + Citrus.