Earth Day Vibes Makeup

Recreate this simple and natural look if you're feeling a little earthy.  This subtle, but fun look gives us some inspiration for the vibrancy of nature. See what Mary is wearing.

Moody Sisters Mineral Makeup

What she's wearing

Liquid Foundation in Bamboo
Brow Liner: Dark Brown
Eye Shadow: Dreamy, Cherish & Paradise
Pencil Liner: Sugar Plum
Black Mascara
Cheek Color : Petal
Endless Summer Bronzer

Lush Lipstick: Purely Plum
Lip Gloss : Plum Kissed

How to Recreate the Look

1. Start with flawless skin.

Make sure your skin is exfoliated and hydrated and apply a thin layer of Liquid Foundation using the Chubby Blender brush.

Tip: If you have extremely oily skin apply a setting powder to keep the shine away. For extremely dry skin make sure you apply an additional layer of moisturizer to keep a fresh dewy look.

Moody Sisters Foundation

2. The eyes say it all.

Start your eyes by defining or filling in your brows with mineral water resistant Brow Pencil. Use Dreamy mineral eye color as a highlighter on your brow bone applying with the flat head of a Multi-Task brush to pat on color. Blend and soften the shade using the Large Shadow Brush. Pat Cherish just above your crease starting from the outside edge and working half way over your lid using the Multi-Task Brush.  Blend blend blend using strokes from the outside of the eye in towards your nose with the Large Shadow Brush. Dampen your Multi-Task brush and apply Paradise on your entire lid using the crease as guide to stop. Allow a minute to dry and blend with your Large Shadow Brush.

Tip: Use the Eye Shadow Guide to determine how and where to place your eye shadow for your eye shape.

Moody Sisters Mineral Eye Shadow

3. Soft & Subtle

On top of your shadow use a Pencil Liner to make your eyes stand out and finish off the look. Gently pull on the corner of your eye lid to create a smooth lid surface to work with. With small strokes work your from the outer lash line to your inner eye. Give a pop of fun color by lining under your lower lashes. Finish with a coat of mineral lash lengthening mascara for voluptuous lashes.

Moody Sisters Eyeliner Pencil

4. I'm blushing.

Get flirty with a touch of pink Petal Pressed Cheek Color and for a dramatic look apply Pressed Bronzer directly under your cheek bones to bring them out using the Pointed Face Brush.

5. Kissable Lips.

Apply a neutral shade of lipstick for that hint of natural color and top with a lip gloss for that wet and flirty look.

Moody Sisters Lip Gloss

Grab what you need to recreate this look by shopping our natural mineral makeup.