Behind the Scenes: Moody Vacay


Jess and Whit used to both live in Cashmere, WA, but after Jess had a mid life crisis working 60+ hours a week at a corporate job, she quit her job, sold everything and her and her family moved to Florida. The goal, sunshine and fun.

While Whit still remains as the Moody headquarters in WA they split their job roles and work across the country - chatting daily and having weekly facetime meetings. Each year Whit tries to fly South during the winter to see her sister (and sunshine) and Jess often visits in the summer.

This year Moody Sister Jess' daughter turns 18 and graduates high school so we decided to do the whole big fam damily trip to Disney!

Fun Facts about the Family

Moody Sisters Family

Here are 5 fun facts about our family, you may wish you never knew:

  1. Our dad has a gag reflex like no other. He pukes picking up dog poop and some rides make him do the same. Best quote from family vacation was after Expedition Everest, a roller coaster ride that goes backwards, dad was caught dry heaving in the bushes. "DAD! You can't throw up in the bushes!!! This is DISNEY!" Despite the hilarity of it all, he spoils us and loves us unconditionally and wouldn't want to be anywhere else... even if it meant dry heaving. Way to take one for the team dad!
  2. The youngest Moody daughter of Whit has a fear of loud toilets. This means that she'll hold it all in at all costs.... this equals constipation (which is AWESOME in Disney) and an elaborate production of covering every toilet sensor so the toilet won't flush -- and Lord help us if the toilet in the next stall does. *begin the tears*
  3. If the Moody Sisters were a disney character Whitney would be Little Mermaid (SPARKLES!!!!) and Jess would be Ursula.
  4. We would visit Disney World every summer as a family for Moody Sister Whit's national jump rope competition that was held there and shown on ESPN.
  5. Our family is obsessed with Star Wars. Not in like a uber nerd way, but like, ya, we know all the facts and the originals are the best movies made ever and we might own collector edition Legos. We go to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars.

Things we Did

Here are 5 things we did on our Moody retreat.

1. Rode space mountain to the top only to have the ride stop and lights turn on. We were stuck in the reclined position for 30 minutes until they came to "rescue" us. We got an exclusive behind the scenes "tour" as we climbed down and through the ride.

Moody Sisters Vacation

2. Ate a Cheshire Cat tail. A pastry filled with chocolate chips and drizzled with pink and purple icing.

Moody Sisters Family

3. Met one of our favorite characters, Chewbacca. Asked him what shampoo he uses.

Moody Sisters Star Wars

4. Rode Haunted Mansion 3 times because it was the only ride a particular moody toddler would ride that wasn't "scary".....

Moody Sisters

5. Had a Moody photo shoot in front of Cinderella's castle. Work is hard sometimes.

Moody Sisters