6 Ways to use Cleansing Oil

One product, six uses. Learn how you can use this natural Cleansing Oil from head to toe!

1. Makeup Remover

If you want an all natural alternative for your makeup remover, then look no further. This makeup remover is perfect for water resistant and even water proof makeup! We tested it on every Moody Sisters mineral product and they all come off in a flash.

  1. Apply a small amount to a cotton ball.
  2. Allow to sit and break down cosmetics for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Gently wipe 2-3 times to remove.

You'll also love that this makeup remover can remove lip color (stick or gloss!), foundation and cheek color! You'll love having this easy, safe and effective cleanser around the house. Teens love it too.

2. Face Wash

Oils are naturally cleansing and break down dirt, grime and makeup. Gently massage some cleansing oil onto your face (can also be used on eyelids at the same time) and with a warm wash cloth wipe away oil. Pat dry. Your skin will be clean and nourished! This method is best for those with normal to dry skin and is great for those with sensitive skin.

Moody Sisters Cleansing Oil

3. Beard / Hair Oil

With this blend of nourishing oils you can use your Cleansing Oil on split ends or, for those Moody Misters, a beard oil.

For split ends we recommend taking a small amount of oil and massaging into ends the night before a shower to allow time to absorb and nourish. Wash and rinse normally.

For beard oil put a little in your hands and work into the beard from the base out. Allow a few minutes for the hair to absorb the oil.

4. Shower / Bath Oil

Does your skin get parched when taking a shower or bath? Add this bottle of Cleansing Oil to your routine and get nourished and hydrated skin right after bathing.

For showers keep the bottle in the shower with you and lightly pat dry, leaving a little moisture on your skin. Take a small amount of cleansing oil and massage all over body for baby softness. Avoid your feet so you don't slip! Allow several minutes for the oil to absorb and nourish skin before clothing.

For baths add a squirt of cleansing oil to the warm water and massage the oil into your skin during bath. Be careful upon exit as bath may be slippery. Pat and dry as normal. *Tip: Keep your hair up and out of water if you don't need some extra oil added to it.

Moody Sisters Bath Oil

5. Massage Oil

This Cleansing Oil is nourishing, won't clog pores and has great slip to give you a perfect massage oil. Take a little bit of oil in hands and begin to massage in. Use as needed when massaging for the best slip.

6. Cuticle Oil

Don't let dry or hard cuticles get you down. Take a small amount of Cleansing Oil and rub into cuticles. Allow 10 minutes for skin to soften before pushing back cuticles. You can also just massage the cleansing oil into cuticles for a nourishing hydration if they begin to crack or split.

Grab your multi-action Cleansing Oil now!