Travel Essentials Guide

Traveling can be fun if you keep things simple. Here are our top tips for your vacations to rock your moody world. (kids optional)

TSA Liquid Requirements

TSA Toiletries

Here are the basic rules from TSA when traveling via air with liquids: If it's less than 3.4 oz and fits in a quart bag you can bring it on. We take this guideline into account when we create our travel sizes or have products that we only carry 1 size.

All Moody Makeup (besides makeup remover) is accepted as a carry on if in the proper quart ziplock bag. While most is not liquid, we've had lip balms and creams thrown out because it wasn't in the proper ziplock bag-- so don't chance it, just put it in the bag.

For Facial Care / Deodorant we recommend grabbing travel size moody items to cleanse, scrub, tone and hydrate with - your deodorant is a-okay. While your cream deodorant isn't a liquid, some TSA agents consider "cream" a liquid, therefore make sure to stick it in your ziplock bag.

For Body / Hair Care make sure to grab travel sizes of your shampoo and conditioner. I recommend using the shampoo for hair, body wash, shaving and hand wash! We also highly recommend grabbing Dry Shampoo for traveling whether you are flying, driving or camping. This is one of the most magical all purpose powders.

Comfy Clothes

Moody Sisters Travel

Comfort is an absolute essential for happy traveling. There is nothing better than a pair comfy pants, shirt and shoes. Doesn't comfort feel amazing?!

My all time fave outfit while recently traveling was a loose fitting top, LulaRoe leggings and my chaco shoes. Jess and I walked miles in these outfits while vacationing with the fam and were never comfier! I'll admit I've been avoid LulaRoe like the plague because I just don't do trendy... but one of our good customers rocks her LulaRoe biz and we just had to try the clothing out.

Libby B. has all the things we look for when it comes to business. Personal, fun and fast service. She does personalized outfit creations, is super fast with shipping and has so many fun and interactive shopping posts.

Moody Sisters Lularoe Leggings

If you were avoiding LulaRoe for no good reason, well stop and go check Libby's LulaRoe facebook group out where you can shop. We recommend Libby because she is awesome, just like us, and the clothes are actually freakin' comfortable.

Simple Snacks

I think my all time favorite travel snack has to be trail mix. It's easy, it's simple, it's healthy (if you don't just eat all the chocolate) and it's filling. It can be taken all the places of all temperatures.

A few years back I found, when we started hiking, camping and car traveling more, and needed to find a place that was affordable and had lots of variety. I'm not a huge DIYer and so finding pre-made mixes or at least the bulk ingredients that I can mix in a bowl make my life so much happier.

Now I make a big order every few months at and get ALL THE SNACKS. My all time faves are the trail mix, dried fruit and fig bars.

We hope this travel tips can help you have a simple and fun trip, wherever you may be headed!