2017 Moody Sisters Review

Photo shoots with the sisters are never dull.

Photo shoots with the sisters are never dull.

7 Epic Things that Happened

We had a great 2017, and we're looking forward to everything new coming in 2018!  
In 2017 Moody Sisters:

  1. Shipped 7,531 packages totaling 4,635 pounds of moody goodness! Did you know Jess ships everything from her studio in Florida and ships every other day?! Each item is individually wrapped for your enjoyment. It's like Christmas every day!
  2. Reached over 4,000 new moody customers. With our sample promotion for new customers we reached so many new faces! It was awesome.
  3. Shipped Moody Sisters to every state in the US (and Puerto Rico)! Products can be shipped even to Hawaii and Alaska at no extra charge making Moody Sisters products perfect for the entire US!
  4. The most orders came from California, Texas and Florida. You people are Moody... or there are just a lot of you. Either way, ROCK ON party animals.
  5. Shipped handmade goodies to 14 different countries - from Australia all the way to Norway! We exclusively offer international ordering on our etsy store.
  6. Whitney surprised Jess with a visit to Florida. Seriously, did you see it? It was the most awesome and epic surprise all on live video, of course. Go check it out if you didn't get to see it when it happened.
  7. Jess turned 40 - gasp! Did we mention we have some skincare for mature skin? ;) We got you covered.

New Scents and Products Released in 2017

We were excited to release a ton of new products and scents in 2017!  Here are some of the highlights in case you missed them!

Moody Sisters Skincare

and in case you're wondering here are our all time best sellers. We hope we can rock your world this coming year.

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