Bold Summer Look

This season we're digging the navy blue and gold combo for the most dramatic and gorgeous summer look. A simple color technique utilizing all natural mineral makeup to give you a fresh new summer glow while staying trendy and fresh- no matter what age you are.

What you'll need for this eye look:

Brow Pencil
Eye Shadows: Dreamy, Eclipse and Dust
Brushes: Large Shadow & Multi-Task
Gel Liner

1. Start with your brow pencil. Gently fill in your brows by pressing lightly with small strokes. Work the color out the end of your brow and come back and brush in with the spoolie.

2. Take the highlighter eye shadow Dreamy and pat on with the flat end of the multi-task brush just below your brow all the way down to your lid crease. Blend it in using the large shadow brush.

3. Next, get the flat side of your multi-task brush damp. Use the Eclipse eye shadow and start by patting on the color on the inside corner of your eye and working your way to about 1/3 of the way over. Take the Eclipse shade again and this time start at the outer corner of your eye and pat inward to about 1/3 of the way in. Repeat on the other eye. Blend the shaderight and left over the eye lid using the large shadow brush.

4. Clean your multi-task brush off. Dampen again. Use the Dust eye shadow and pat into the center of your eye lid- filling in the gap between the eclipse shade. Use the large shadow brush to blend the color, brushing slightly over the darker shade.

5. Take the flat edge of the multi-task brush and dampen. Use the dust eye shadow to work it into the inside corner and underneath the eye like liner.

6. Use the flat edge of the multi-task brush to apply your gel liner to the top lashes. Start at the outside corner of your eye and using small strokes work your way in. Come back and extend your top line slightly.

7. Curl your lashes (optional) and apply your mascara.

Use this beautiful duo shade look to brighten and freshen up any makeup routine. Try two new shades or make some old favorites look new!

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