How to use Eye Shadows Wet

Moody Sister eye shadows are already perfection formulated with all natural micas and non-toxic ingredients to give you safe and flawless color. But what you might not know about your favorite eye shadow colors is you can get bold with one simple tweak to your makeup application: water. Just watch the quick application video above to see the amazing difference using the same shadow dry and wet.

Using your eye shadows wet will give you a bolder, more pigmented and longer lasting color. Take your favorite shades up a knotch for date night or eyeliner. Get all the color options you need for every occasion with this super easy and simple technique.

Are you ready to learn it?! Look how simple it is!

Get a cup of water. Dip your brush into the water and wipe the excess from it. Dip your brush into the eye shadow and tap off any excess. Apply in a sweeping motion for a solid line or pat gently for a targeted area.


Dampen those brushes and see just how bold and beautiful your eye shadows can be! What is your favorite shade to use wet?

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