Products for Moody Misters

Just because Moody Sisters are all about the ladies, doesn’t mean that the Moody Misters can’t get in on the fun and fresh action. We’ve asked our customers what their Moody Misters use and here are the men’s top picks.

Beard Oil

This natural Cleansing Oil does more than just cleanse, it hydrates and absorbs well making it a great blend for your man's beard! You don’t need expensive exotic beard oil to get the job done and this fragrance free oil makes it an even better option for the bearded misters. Grab some cleansing oil for yourself and depending on the size of your wookie's beard a bottle for him too! You’ll both love how soft and sexy beard hair can be!

Dry Skin Cream

This Dry Skin Cream is a huge pick among the men, again with the popular unscented version, men that work with their hands need a thick cream to help soothe and hydrate their dry cracked skin. Let them slather this safe and deeply hydrating rich cream all over, from head to toe if they need it. Besides those regular uses, this is the perfect after-shave hydration for heads and faces!

Wash n’ Scrub n’ Stuff

You might find your skincare being used up faster than usual if your Moody Mister is sneaking some. He will never admit he uses it or likes it… but his face might smell like peppermint from the Clarifying Wash and Pore Refining Face Scrub that he secretly uses in the shower. Don’t creep up on him either, it might scare him off for good and you’ll never get him to wash his face again. Just let it happen, don’t say a word, back away slowly.  PS- Men don’t like change so for the love of all things holy never let it run out and don’t get a different one.

Lip Love

The other item in your drawer that you may find goes missing on a regular occurrence is your lip balm, which everyone knows is a SACRED ITEM that should never be moved or shared!! And yet, when the man cold occurs my prized lip balm tube changes locations. I finally gave in and bought 10 tubes so that my family stops stealing mine. Everyone has a different flavor so they know not to touch mine. Now that your Moody Mister has his own, you may even notice him using it on a regular basis, and you won’t mind at all. Xoxoxox

Scalp Mist

Manly men get flakes too. That's why they love the facial toning mists to hydrate and tone their facial skin AND help control the flakes on their scalp. If your dude is getting a little flaky tell him to spray this onto his hair and massage it into the scalp for the perfect DIY natural scalp treatment. And if his face needs a little pore or oil control than just tell him he has to use it their too for it to work properly. ;)