Which scent are you?

The finest things in life are those that resonate within our souls. They make us happy, they simplify our lives and they rock our world. You can find this joy, smell good and feel great with the all in one aromatherapy and perfume with essential oil scent rollers. Mood enhancing essential oils and fruit extracts ready to roll in your home or on the go to lift your soul and balance your mind.

I’ve always wanted to smell good, but I grew up with severe dermatitis that didn’t allow me to use scented products or deodorants. Middle school is already rough, just add horrible stink and skin issues. It wasn’t until after high school I discovered that I wasn’t allergic to scented things, I was allergic to synthetic chemical fragrance which is added to just about every commercial beauty product, cleaner and detergent.

Now you can safely enjoy scents with Moody Sister fruit extract and essential oil blends. Smell good and be happy with naturally scented skin and body care with the added benefits of aromatherapy. Read on to see what scent is right for you.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant oils to alter ones mood and cognitive well being. The natural and pure scent from essential oils can have a great effect on how you’re feeling, and it’s important that you’re using essential oils and NOT fragrance oils. {Fragrance oils possess no natural aroma}

Get the power of aromatherapy to help balance your mood, in a safe diluted concentration with each Essential Oil Scent Roller. Each aromatherapy scent blend can help with different moods and clear your mind for a better day. See what each blend can do for you below.

What scent are you?

Now you can find the scent that matches who you are and what you love without using synthetic fragrance.  Find the perfect natural perfume, made with natural fruit extracts and essential oils, that resonates with your soul. Check out the guide and see which blend rocks your moody world.

Lavender Citrus

Cheery, Mindful, Sweet, Pick-me-up, Fresh & Imaginative.

A citrus blend is perfect for whether you're starting your day or need a midday pick-me-up! Uplift and rejuvenate your body and mind. The perfect bold and bright scent for imaginative and curious individuals.

Spearmint Vanilla

Upbeat, Happy, Boundless, Bright, Energetic & Unstoppable

A sweet mint blend that clears your head and gets you ready for whatever challenge comes your way. Awaken your soul and sharpen your mind. The perfect scent for energetic and enthusiastic individuals—life is never boring.

Sweet Orange

Dreamy, Mystical, Inspiring, Creative, Warm & Charming

Allow the refreshing citrus and exotic mandarin to warm and comfort your skin and soul. Enjoy the coziness and creativity that will invigorate your mind and soul. The perfect scent for imaginative thinkers with dedication to loved ones.

Lavender Rose

Poetic, quiet, dedicated, loved, kind and caring.

This flirty floral blend will put you in a lovely mood no matter where you're at.  Find peace and harmony for your skin and mind. The perfect scent for quiet or anxious individuals always eager to help a good cause.

Coconut Lime

Chill, relaxing, joyful, free spirit, sociable & adventurous.

Bright and refreshing coconut lime will transport you on your next adventure. With this exotic blend you’ll find relaxation and happiness. The perfect scent for the charismatic individual who can always find a reason to smile.

Take these little rollers wherever you go reapplying when you need a little aromatherapy or scent boost. Apply to your wrist, temples, neck or behind your ears and rock your moody world.

Which scent are you?

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