Nourishing Skin Solutions for common problems

I have never considered myself old. In fact, I always love to rub it in my sister and husband’s noses that I’m “younger” than they are. It’s what the youngest does right?! Well my age is finally catching up to my body and it has me going, “what in the holy hell has happened?!”

My youth is disappearing as fast as my boobs fall to my belly button when I take my bra off << and that’s fast-- in case you didn’t know.

I was naive. I thought I would embrace aging. I thought that I would just enjoy each wrinkle, each uncontrollable jiggle, each crazy-a$$ grey hair that take 2 months to come in before it lays in line with the others, each kink in my neck from just rolling out of bed—but no. Nope. It’s not happening. And here's the top products for the most common skin problems that go along with aging.

Puffy Eyes

Combat puffy eyes with cucumber and aloe.

You won't need to sell your most prized possession to turn back time with this silky-rich Nourishing Eye Cream featuring skin loving herbal extracts and soothing cucumber hydrosol. Send puffy and tired away with a youthful blend of rejuvenating essential oils featuring ylang ylang, neroli and carrot seed.

Nourishing Eye Cream

Eye love you
1 oz Jar
Perfect for All Skin Types
Softening, nourishing and calming for tired and puffy eyes.

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Dull Skin

Combat with vitamins and deep hydration.

Fight off dull, uneven skin and the appearance of aging by hydrating and deeply nourishing. Get even, silky skin with this rejuvenating facial serum loaded with organic ingredients. You'll find you can use this serum day or night for all skin types and can even be used as a daily moisturizer for oily skin types. Maintain the right balance of moisture and oil in the skin, giving you smooth, glowing skin.

Nourishing Facial Serum

Dehydrated mummy to silky Cleopatra.
2 oz bottle with airless pump
Best for Uneven, Blotchy, Mature, or Dry Skin
Soothing, calming and skin boosting.

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Combat with exfoliation.

The perfect dry flaky skin solution features natural evaporated cane juice infused with a gentle goat's milk liquid soap and blend of herbal extracts to instantly revive dull, dry, tired skin. Deeply hydrate with shea butter and sunflower oil while improving skin texture and feel. Calm and pamper with chamomile, rose and lavender flower power.

Hydrating Shea Facial Scrub
from 12.00

Flower Power
Net wt. 2.2 oz travel or 10 oz Jar with Flip-top Lid
Best for Normal to Dry Skin
Instantly soften, hydrate and protect with buttery exfoliation.

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