Do your boobs hang low?

I have never considered myself old. In fact, I always love to rub it in my sister and husband’s noses that I’m “younger” than they are. It’s what the youngest does right?! Well my age is finally catching up to my body and it has me going, “what in the holy hell has happened?!”

That’s right. I’m just a shy over 30 and it’s getting real. Now obviously drama runs in my family, but let me tell you there is not one thing exaggerated about this, except my double chin that has crept out of NO WHERE.

I know anyone out there reading this that has hit 40, 50, 60 etc. is probably thinking…. “oh, what a sweet, innocent, child. JUST YOU WAIT.” Ya ya, I get it, but let me have my moment. I need to mourn. My youth is disappearing as fast as my boobs fall to my belly button when I take my bra off.  << and that’s fast-- in case you didn’t know.

I was naive. I thought I would embrace aging. I thought that I would just enjoy each wrinkle, each uncontrollable jiggle, each crazy-a$$ grey hair that take 2 months to come in before it lays in line with the others, each kink in my neck from just rolling out of bed—but no. Nope. It’s not happening. I’m failing.

I’m willing to accept that it’s happening… but I’m no longer willing to do nothing…. Because ladies things are getting out of control. Ice caps, known as my butt and boobs, are moving in directions apart from each other, more rapidly than expected. They are melting and becoming one with the neighboring waters.  And as a result my flowery coral reefs aren’t feeling so perky anymore.

I did a double take in the mirror the other morning as my eye bags and wrinkles piled on top of one another like my children trying to fit in my bed at some unearthly hour in the morning. There isn’t enough room for all of them. I tilted my head so the light made them look less frightening and then it made a double chin…. So I contorted my face sideways and tilted to get no double chin and the perfect light, eye brows slightly raised and OH MY gosh what are those rolls on my FOREHEAD?!?!? WHO GETS ROLLS ON THEIR FOREHEAD?!

I’m in complete denial. And I will be for at least 30 more years. So what am I going to do about it?! Sit back, have my husband dish me up a bowl of ice cream and Netflix binge watch. And when I’m done with that, I’ll be laying in a tub full of denial.

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