Summer Glow

It’s that time of the year when the weather is almost perfection… we’re fully transitioning out of our long sleeves and warm socks and Mother Nature is finally getting into its summer groove. While summer doesn’t officially start for another month we find ourselves preparing for the bright sunshine by pulling out our shorts and rolling up our sleeves…. Only to find translucent, pasty skin that reflects light when sun beams shine on it.

If you’re anything like me you don’t tan easy and it takes months of patient, slow progress when it comes to a tan. Or maybe you are naturally dark, but you can tell you’re two shades lighter and your skin is calling for that warm sun.

Whatever spectrum of pasty you find yourself in we have some of the hottest summer bronzing products – some new and some returning from last year—to get your summer glow on.

1: Start with Prep Work

Get those legs, thighs, buns and arm in perfect summer condition with the one-two punch that will instantly rejuvenate and hydrate your skin with the limited edition Mandarin Vanilla Body Scrub & Rich Body Cream. Make those legs luscious when you scrub away dead flaky skin and prepare them for luxuriously silky smooth summer rays. Deeply hydrate your body from head to toe to make skin appear younger, plump and too-hot to handle for short season.

2: Turn up the sun

Safely and naturally get a tan (no sun required) with this vanilla scented whipped bronzing lotion that will take your shade of skin up a knotch. Flawlessly blend in your body bronzer with this silky lotion that will absorb and can be washed off when you’re done.

3: Get the glow

Put a little summer sun and glow on your face with the NEW! Pressed Cheek Color & Bronzer shade Cinnabar. Use it on your cheeks, shoulders or chest to look like you got kissed by the sun or as a contour shade. Finish your look off with Dust Eye Shadow on your lids for the most subtle and gorgeous gold shimmer – use wet for a bold pop of color.

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