Keep it or Toss it {Skin & Beauty Guide}

We all know how easy it is to lose track of time--that coupled with the fact that we want to make sure we aren’t wasting products or money, we find ourselves with drawers full of old, unloved products.

We are here to tell you that you’re not alone.. but we’re also here to tell you it’s time to simplify and toss that unwanted junk in your drawer – especially if it’s so old it has become unsafe to use! Old, bacteria ridden skin and beauty products can cause infections and blemishes.

 We know that you care about what you’re putting in and on your body, because otherwise you wouldn’t be using natural products. So it’s important to watch the shelf life of your products and make sure you’re only using fresh skin and beauty products.

Prevent your products from going bad

Here are some great ways to help keep your products fresher longer.

  • Water based products are more likely to spoil first. Oil based products generally have a longer life span and shelf life.
  • Avoid leaving products in moist environments. Bathrooms are the worst place to leave your goodies, but it’s not really practical to keep them anywhere else. Try storing them in a drawer or cabinet that is farthest away from the shower or if possible a vanity in your bedroom.
  • Store products in dark places (drawer, cabinet or solid makeup bag or box)
  • Close all products tightly
  • Wash hands and skin before touching and using products
  • Wash your makeup brushes every week. Not only can your brushes harbor bacteria, but then they can contaminate other makeup products.
  • Keeping products away from heat. Make sure they are far away from heaters or hot lights.

When in Doubt

General Rule

Powders - 2 years
Oil based products - 1 year
Water based products - 6 months

I know it’s hard to toss products if you haven’t use the entire bottle or jar, but be smart and watch for these signs that it may be time to let it go:

  • Discolored product
  • Strange smell
  • Texture has changed
  • Dried out formula
  • Powder products aren’t loose anymore

Keep it or Toss it Skin & Makeup Guide

Moody Sisters Toss it Makeup Guide

Skincare Products

  • Facial Cleansers – 12 months
  • Toners – 12 months
  • Scrubs – 12 months
  • Wet Masks – 6 months
  • Powder Masks – 24 months
  • Serums – 6 months
  • Moisturizers – 6 months
  • Lip Balm – 12 months
  • Body Lotion – 12 months
  • Body Cream – 12 months
  • Shampoo & Body Wash – 18 months
  • Body Powders – 24 months

Beauty Products

  • Mascara – 3-6 months
  • Gel Liner – 12 months (with regularly cleaned brush)
  • Pencil Liner -- 12 months (with regularly sharpened and wiped with alcohol)
  • Brow Liner -- 12 months (with regularly sharpened and wiped with alcohol)
  • Liquid Foundation – 12 months
  • Cream / Concealer Foundation – 18 months (with regularly cleaned brush)
  • Powder Foundation – 24 months (with regularly cleaned brush)
  • Cheek Color – 24 months (with regularly cleaned brush)
  • Lip Gloss – 12 months

It’s important to remember that all of these life spans are general guidelines and if you don’t properly take care of your skin and beauty using the preventative steps above, than you may find your items spoiling faster.