Feminine Hygiene 101

Corinne from this Bachelor season 21 is on point with the most amazing descriptions of her vajayjay. She has “sex abilities” so we’re taking our cues from her super powers.  She told the world that her “heart is gold, but my ‘vagine’ is platinum”. So today we’re here to tell you everything you need to know on how to achieve the platinum vagine.

First you might be wondering, what the hell is a platinum vagine? We don’t really know, but our guess is that it’s like a vagina with super powers. A solid vagine should be clean and fresh all the time because you never know when you’re going to need to use your vagine and your sex abilities to make a positive difference in this world.

ALL jokes aside, there are 3 areas where you can stay clean and fresh with natural feminine hygiene products. Don’t be caught with anything less than platinum!

Cleansing Spray
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On the Toilet

There are many times where you may find yourself feeling a little dirty… and we’re not talking about anything abnormal here—if you smell or see anything super funky see your doctor, please! But for that normal discharge or menstrual cycle residue you want something that will naturally balance out your hooha to keep it clean.

This Feminine Cleansing Spray is pH balanced so it won’t mess up any natural levels you have and it’s gentle and safe for the most intimate areas. So it’s perfect for that toilet freshening, but even great if you need to cleanse and freshen the backside as well. In the spray bottle it also makes a great on-the-go cleansing after a workout or traveling.

And since it’s natural and gentle this is a great one for babies and kids. You can use it as a baby wipe spray or cleanser if they don’t wipe good enough.

TIP: Moody Sister Whit uses this camping for a pit wash or even emergency hand wash!

Feminine Cleansing Wash
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In the Shower

The best place to maintain your skin balance is in the shower. Many soaps and washes can contain harsh chemicals to strip your skin {and intimate areas} of important oils that keep your skin maintaining it’s groove. So you’ll want to cleanse your body from head to toe with gentle wash that will keep your lady parts and skin calm and balanced.

This Feminine Cleansing Wash has everything you need and want in the shower; bubbles, pH balanced and soft and gentle. Lather up and clean your body the right way with this hydrating wash. Create a light lather and wash your most intimate areas (external only) front and back to keep it extra clean down there. You can even use this multi-purpose wash to wash your hair!

Plus, did we mention that it is baby safe? This is a great sensitive skin head to toe wash for even those precious baby buns.


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In your Underwear

To complete the holy grail of platinum vagine you cannot miss the most important part of feminine hygiene… deodorizing. You’ve washed, you’ve freshened well now you need to keep it dry and smelling fantastic. There is nothing more stinky than damp undies.

This essential oil based fragrant Dusting Powder is the perfect combination of lavender and rose. The sensual blend is infused in arrowroot, lavender and rose powders that give you soft skin and help keep things dry and smelling amazing. Each big jar of silky body powder comes with a fluffy powder puff so you can tap a little into your intimates when you need a little freshening up.

This beautiful smelling Dusting Powder was made to use all over your body (it’s sparkle free) for a natural perfume powder so you can use it on your neck, wrists or even arm pits!