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Simple Smokey Eyes with Gel Liner

Smokey eyes are great for date nights and dark lighting. They can be subtle or more bold, but either way they are totally sexy and seductive. Smokey eyes can also be very simple with the Gel Liner that can duo as a cream shadow. Watch the demo makeup tutorial video with Moody Sister Whit that was featured for Valentine’s Day and read about her top tips below.

Step 1: Start at the lashes

To create your base for your smokey eye makeup, start by lining your lashes (top and bottom), all the way around your eye with the gel liner. This line can be as thick or thin as you’d like.

TIP: extend the top line slightly for a bolder look.

TIP: If you want a SUPER natural smokey eye because color is a stretch for you, just take a brush and “smudge” your liner out away from your lashes for a simple and subtle smokey look.

Step 2: Lid power

Take a small brush (we use the rounded side of the Multi-Task brush here) and start by patting the gel liner onto your lid. Your goal is to have the darkest color lining your eyes and fading as you extend the color out from your lashes.

TIP: For deep set eyes do not cover your entire lid- just the bottom half.

Step 3: Extending the color

Next work the color into your crease starting from the outside and blending only halfway in and not pressing as hard. This layer should be lighter than your lid. Do the same around the bottom of your lashes to extend the liner and make it appear smokey.

TIP: If you have hooded lids work the color above the crease see you can see it!  

Step 4: Blend like there is no tomorrow

Take a clean fluffly brush (we use the Large Shadow brush here) and blend from the outside in crease color.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to highlight your brown bone with a light cream or white eye shadow. (We use Angel eye shadow here) And curl and coat those lashes with some black mascara to finish your eyes. (You can grab your natural mascara here)