My hair is greasy.

The struggle with natural shampoo

Are you having trouble making the switch to natural shampoo? Does your hair feel waxy or heavy? The most common struggle with those making the switch from commercial to natural hair care is the feeling that your hair is just not clean. Here are our top tips for using natural hair care and how to get that flawless silky hair.

Why use natural shampoo?

Maybe you’re trying to rid your life and the environment of harsh chemicals or maybe you just want to have healthier hair. Natural hair care can do just that, but you still want it to be effective and the transition to be simple.

Natural shampoo is different than commercial shampoos because it does not strip the hair of its natural oils. This is a great bonus of natural hair care in that it works with earth’s finest to nourish and protect your locks.

  • If you struggle with oily scalp or hair it may be because the commercial shampoo was dehydrating you. Natural hair care can give you that balance you need.
  • If you struggle with dry scalp and dandruff natural hair care can help deeply hydrate and moisturize without taking those natural oils away.
  • If you have curly hair natural hair care is the perfect way to deeply condition and detangle to provide the moisture you need.
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Have you detoxed yet?

When you first make the switch to natural hair care you may notice that it takes a few washes for your hair and scalp to find its balance. It’s been working so hard to maintain hydration that it may have been working overdrive to keep it hydrated. Give it at least a week or 3-5 washes before making any more adjustments.

For an easy transition use an apple cider vinegar rinse to clean hair and balance the pH of your scalp. Use the ACV every other day for the first week and then taper off ACV rinses each week until you find the perfect balance. Read more about how to use a vinegar rinse.

Hard water might be your issue

If you have already gone through 3-5 washes or at least 1 week after making the switch and find yourself still with greasy or waxy hair there are a few things you can do to adjust your hair routine.

First, find out if you have hard water. Hard water causes the hair shafts to stand up and feel rough or tangled. Plus, the excess minerals can cause the soap to be less effective and leave a film which can make natural hair care feel gummy or waxy.

You can search to see if hard water might be the culprit here.

Try one of these solutions:

  • A simple water softener added to your water heater or even shower head filter would fix the problem OR you can also choose to rinse your hair with distilled water.
  • Make sure you are using conditioner if you have hard water as it will help flatten your hair shafts making it easier to rinse the soap from your hair.
  • If a water softener or rinsing with distilled water is out of the question try using a vinegar rinse. It will help soften your hair and flatten the hair scales for easier rinsing.
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Water isn’t my issue.

If you’ve used natural hair care products long enough, that you know that detoxing and hard water isn’t the issue, then make sure you’re following these tips:

  • Rub and create a lather with the shampoo before massaging into your hair and scalp. This will apply less of the oils directly to your hair.
  • Add a vinegar rinse to your hair routine. I know, I know, the answer to everything is apple cider vinegar… but it really is! It balances your pH on your scalp, softens hair, helps shampoo to rinse out, increases shines and reduces dandruff and flakes. Try doing this 1-2 per week.
  • Are you using lots of hair care products? Make sure to apply a vinegar rinse or soda scalp treatment once a month to reduce build up and balance your hair.